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Get the privacy and confidentiality you need, while connecting with other stepmoms and creating life-long friendships with those who truly get you. You’ll have your own customizable profile, access to communicate with fellow stepmoms privately, and create group chats.

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A secure, centralized digital filing cabinet for your family, hosted by FutureVault. It’s a great way to share and safeguard sensitive documents with multiple people, without any person-to-person conflict. Also a great way to leave your legacy for your family.

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Access to our growing library of 300+ articles written by stepmoms and experts. You will also have access to stepmom stories written by members of the community, and can even submit your own story!


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I’m a mother, stepmother, programmer by trade, fashion lover by night, and obsessed with helping stepmoms avoid unwanted and unnecessary chaos.


I have two children with my husband who had five kids from two different moms when we first got together. In the beginning of my stepmom journey, I had zero clue on what to do other than having those innate maternal instincts (which I second-guessed). They certainly helped, but didn’t fully prepare me for what was to come. It was an isolating and solitary experience, and even though I received a lot of help and support along the way, I struggled to find my place. From these challenging and lonely experiences, I created Social Stepmom – a community to help each other along our journey of stepmotherhood. 


It’s my passion to support other women to thrive and live their best life as a stepmom, while taking a stand for important issues including children’s rights and parental alienation. We don’t have to walk this journey alone anymore.


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