Our Favourite Fashion Trends of 2019

Our Favourite Fashion Trends of 2019

As a full-time fashionista, nothing gets me more excited than seeing what this year’s fashion trends are! Without you maybe even realizing it, fashion trends inspire so much of what pieces are designed for the upcoming season. We have rounded up a few of our favourite 2019 fashion trends, and have some tips for how to style these trends into your wardrobe! As stepmoms, we often put aside the little things that make us feel special which is easy to do after a long day of raising kids (there are 7 on my roster!).  If staying up to date on the latest trends makes you feel special stepmoms, then check out this list and be sure to carve out some time to treat yourself to a new and trendy piece here and there…you deserve it!!

SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: Style is the most important part of dressing. Trends may come and go but it is your style that will stay the same. Use these 2019 fashion trends as a guideline to switch up your wardrobe this season, but always stay true to you! If ruffles are too bold, try out a mini ruffled cuff on a classic pair of trousers. If pink is not your colour and you cannot commit to a full bright 80’s look, maybe a detail of pink on the inside of a blazer is just enough to bring you out of your comfort zone. Always remember to be true to yourself and your style and never feel pressured to follow a trend!

1. The 80’s

We are not going to bring up how many years ago the 80’s was…but it’s been this long and we are still obsessed with the iconic style of this decade!

Since 2018, strong shoulders, shimmering party dresses, and bold colours have been trending. Guess what, they are not going anywhere this year!

To incorporate this 2019 fashion trend into your wardrobe add a pop of bold colour. This strong, 80’s inspired, hot pink blazer is the perfect addition to your collection to keep up with the 80's trend.

Looking for some additional inspiration you can reference to achieve this look? Think about a modern take on Princess Diana’s iconic style!




2. Bows

Bow details were all over the runway for the 2019 season.

Designers are adding bows to blouses, pants, bags, and shoes. We are particularly obsessed with lace up bow detailing.

If you’re looking for a super affordable bow addition to your wardrobe, check out these Steve Madden pumps. The colour is super neutral so you can get your bang for your buck and where these all year!





3. Beige

This is a 2019 fashion trend we are so excited to see because we already have so much of it!

Pull out your old beige and add in some new. Beige is a universally flattering colour that you can by in a variety of shades to compliment your skintone!

Try keeping your silhouettes simple when buying your beige pieces and these items will be the most versatile ones in your wardrobe!







4. Ruffles

I know we mentioned 80’s earlier but ruffles are a fashion trend that is coming back with such a vengeance they deserve their very own category!

Forget your bodycon dresses on a night out, oversized ruffles are on everything from dresses, to shirts, to trousers, to skirts!

A ruffled piece is sure to elevate any outfit, mix and match your ruffled items with pieces you already have and watch your entire look transform!





5. Sage Green

If pinterest says it’s so then it MUST be true: sage is 2019’s top colour to experiment with! If you have a sage green piece, it’s time to bring it out!

Work sage green into your wardrobe in any clothing item, or even your accessories!

A coloured shoe is a great way to bring life to an all black outfit. If you’re chronic black-wearer try including this simple and beautiful colour into your accessories to add some dimension to your look!




6. Leopard

Is it just us or has leopard print been a fashion trend for the past three seasons now?  Hold on to your leopard ladies because it’s still going strong with the trend increase 50% since last season!

This year, think about bringing some elegance to your leopard pieces! We are seeing a ton of leopard skirts, dresses, blouses, and evening wear!




There you have it, the top trends of 2019! This year why not go a little bit out of your comfort zone and add some trendy pieces to your wardrobe! It may just be that little something extra you were looking for. As always tag us @socialstepmom if you try out any of our ideas!

XO. Social Stepmom