A Guide On How To Get Your Kids To Do Their Chores

Chores. A part of life that is so important for our children, yet it can be a challenge to make them do them. Why are kids so against helping out? Is there a trick to making the idea of chores more fun for our children? Are our children “lazy”? Or, do we feel guilty making children do “adult” work? 

In the early 1990’s a physiologist by the name of Suzanne Gaskin was living in a small Mexican village, when she noticed something. What was it she noticed? She noticed the children talking, with great pride and enthusiasm, about the chores they did at home. 

This lead to a 30 year study by a handful of psychologists who were witnessing a phenomenon in indigenous families in Mexico. This phenomenon you ask. Well, young children in these households were extremely helpful around the house. Not only were they helpful, but they did it willingly and happily!

How do these parents have such helpful children? What are they doing differently then most of us? 

The secret is, we need to expose our children to more chores, think small tasks vs. large tasks, work together, don’t force it and change our mindset about young children. 

For a more detailed explanation of these five tips and the full article please click the link below. 

How To Get Your Kids To Do Chores (Without Resenting It)


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