Positive Affirmations for Stepmoms and Your Children

Hey you (Stepmom), you are pretty bleeping awesome so keep it up! 

Repeat after me: I am lucky (yes you are)! I am grateful! I am kind! I am loving! I am creative (ahem stepmom responses)! I am authentic! These are some of things I practice myself and I noticed it is helping change the way I feel about events or circumstances (ones I might have avoided if I didn’t marry into a blended family and nobody to tell me about).

I have two young girls, so I know being a mom is not easy. There are times where I secretly skip through a page or I truncate more than a few words. Why?  It is because I am on the fourth or fifth (okay fine maybe the first, second and third) book I am reading because I was strong armed by a a two year olds mere cuteness and wish I hadn't traded off vegetable consumption for more books. I can’t wait to get on a plane for business (never any pleasure wink wink) and the moment I leave I am facetiming them on the tarmac in tears.


I have five stepchildren and some days I feel like I was bamboozled into parenting someone else’s child while swimming upstream against the current (in freezing cold water). I have such a love for kids so it wasn’t difficult for me to accept this new role at the time. Did I know it was going to be ridiculously hard with experiencing things I only thought were in the movies? Ummmmm not a chance.  Have I jumped into a few closets for some breathers? Oh yes I have!


I have had my ups and downs of being a parent and stepparent like we all have. How do we get up as stepmoms and do a lot of the mothering without the appreciation and gratitude of the real mom? Since it was just Mother’s Day I would imagine that some of you might have not felt all of the love you might have expected. Now what? You can join me in the closet and we can hold a facetime pity party, or we can find peace through small and easy 20 second increments of sanity building - affirmations.

The definition of affirmations is this:


  1. The act or an instance of affirming; state of being affirmed.
  2. The assertion that something exists or is true.
  3. Something that is affirmed; a statement or proposition that is declared to be true.
  4. Confirmation or ratification of the truth or validity of a prior judgment,decision, etc.
  5. Law. a solemn declaration accepted instead of a statement underoath.

I have included a few affirmations for you and some for you children or stepchildren as well. There is no “I can make my stepchildren shrink” like the movie Honey, I Shrunk The Kids. They are true affirmations that help me, and help our kids believe in ourselves!

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