As a Social Stepmom Ambassador, you agree to represent Social Stepmom by adhering to the requirements below:

✔︎ Share Social Stepmom posts on your social media account(s)

✔︎ Host a Stepmom party in your home or alternate location (not mandatory but encouraged - support can be provided)

✔︎ Submit one Stepmom story per month to be posted in the Society (pseudonym can be used)

✔︎ Reach out to 5-10 Stepmoms per month (via email, in person, social media) to inform them of the benefits of joining the ss Society

✔︎ Be active in the Social Stepmom Society world and live chat/comments


We thank you in advance for your volunteered time and dedication as a Social Stepmom Ambassador. We look forward to the success of your local chapter and community of Stepmoms. For your involvement and efforts, you will receive the following:

  • FREE access to the Social Stepmom Society
  • FREE items to use as giveaways within your own chapter
  • A small budget to be used to provide refreshments/appetizers at your launch party (receipts/guest list required)


Together we will continue making a difference in the Stepmom community.