Are You Over Stepping?


Boundaries play a role in all relationships. Whether it’s with friends, family, co-workers or your partner. We all have moments in our lives where we question what to say or do, and even if we should say or do anything at all.

In the stepparent world, boundaries become even more of a grey area. How much authority do you have over your stepchildren? What subjects are appropriate for you to discuss with them? You get the picture.

These boundaries cross over to past relationships too. How much communication between the ex is appropriate? What topics of conversation are appropriate? How involved should you be, with the ex?

Needless to say, finding the individual answers to these questions is key to a healthy, happy stepparent / stepchild relationship. For everyone, this sweet spot will be different. You, your partner and your stepchildren,will have to discover this on your own and do what works for YOUR family.

Building your happy family is an individual task and will be different for everyone.

Have you ever taken a step back and thought about boundaries? We typically notice when someone else is overstepping, but are you sure you aren't doing it yourself? Lisa over at Being Stepmom talks about it on her blog:

Being a Stepmom