How to Attend Multiple Parties with One Look!


How to Attend Multiple Parties with One Look!

Here at Social Stepmom, we feel like one of the best things about the Holidays are the parties with friends and family!

What's better than getting together with colleagues, friends, and family to celebrate?

However, sometimes things can get a bit tricky. There are only so many days in December and we've all been there where you have to run from work straight to a party, or even two!

Don't worry we have figured out the best way to look party-ready in minutes and easily be able to switch up your looks from one event to another!

Our secret to success is THE BLAZER! The Blazer has made a huge comeback since the '80s and we are all here for it! Vibrant and fun patterned blazers and coats are completely on trend with the fashion crowd right now.

The best way to stand out at your holiday parties without having to put too much time and energy into thinking about what to wear is to add a Blazer or Coat to your outfit!




SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: If you are going straight from work to a party or have multiple parties in one night, or even if you are running errands on the weekend and don't have time to go home and change we have an idea! Why not have a few fun printed blazers in a garment bag and hang it in your car!

This way you already have all the options you need always with you!

So how do you style blazers you may ask? It's a lot easier than you think.

The easiest wear is to pair your favourite pair of jeans and a crisp t-shirt with a fun and bold blazer.

Pop on a pair of heels or booties and you are good to go!

During the holidays why not go for a red plaid tweed option to get a little Festive.

Sarah is pictured wearing one from Joliee Paris and we love it!

With a pop of red colour she is taking her casual day outfit and really making it festive and standout.

Blazers come in a wide range of colours, textures, and patterns so there is something for everyone! They even come in every budget, so don't worry about having to spend all your Christmas budget on one piece!

Keep in mind though a good quality Blazer can be a huge staple in your wardrobe and getting one that fits you and looks great is worth a higher price tag!





SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: Another great idea is to get a fabulous lightweight coat!

Sarah is wearing one from  Edward Achour Paris and it's a gorgeous blue and white tweed coat with a festive silver lining running through it.

Yes, this coat is longer than a Blazer but can totally be worn inside!

Maybe you are heading to an outdoor Christmas Market and then to an indoor party, this coat will help you do both!


Plus if you are at a party that gets a little boring you already have your coat on and can make a quick getaway! 😉





This holiday season don't stress about what to wear, just grab a few new festive Blazers that you can mix and match and you are all set! They come in red, green, black, patterns, long, short you name it they have it! Its the simplest way to spice up your wardrobe this season. And trust us Blazers may just become your most favourite thing in your closet.