Back to School – Calendar Inspiration!

Back to school is just around the corner! We shared our vlog about planning calendars and schedules for your kids and step kids. Thank you to The Happy Stepmom for sharing your inspiration and story!

I was watching your vlog on Social Stepmom about managing schedules and the blended family.  Your ideas definitely inspire me to continue to manage our family calendar to ensure a well balanced Stepmom life!  I wanted to share our family calendar with you and the Social Stepmom community.   

With 3 stepchildren and 2 biological children, we manage a schedule between 3 different homes (ours, my children's father and my stepchildren's mother).  It gets quite hectic and the kids are always asking questions such as "Who's house are we at during this event or that event?".  I created a wall calendar using a large bulletin board and some electrical tape.  

Every month, the kids and I add all of the events to the calendar in a fun and colourful way.  We add pictures, notes, and stickers to make it fun and interactive.  We always add smiley faces on the days the kids are at our house. The kids love to help with the calendar!!  It is a great opportunity to communicate what the coming weeks will look like and where they will be each day.  

This calendar is also a great way to keep our extended family organized. My in laws help out quite a bit with our kids, so they appreciate the calendar as well.  They know that when they come over, they can look at the upcoming events and know when they are needed and can mark down any activities that they would like to attend.  It has worked out quite well for our family.  The calendar is located in our kitchen as that is the hub of our household.  It has been a lifesaver in our crazy blended family life!!

Thank you for sharing!

- The Happy Stepmom

Here's The Happy Stepmom's Calendar: