Beauty Prep for Date Night

Beauty Prep for Date Night with your Spouse


Remember the feeling of the first date with your partner? The feeling of excitement, the butterflies, the anticipation? Well depending on how long you have been with your spouse things may have changed. You may be in a routine or be far too busy to schedule a date night let alone prepare for one. Here at Social Stepmom we fully believe in the power of slowing down. If there is any way that you can take some time for yourself then you need to do just that! For Valentine’s Day, or any date night with your spouse, why not take some time and really prepare beforehand for the date? Prepping for your date will give you that feeling of excitement and will bring back feelings of why you fell for your partner in the first place!

Start in the Shower


It is always best to start from the very beginning. Whether you have been working all day or have been running after the kids all day you probably need a long hot shower. If you have time for a nice relaxing bath great! If not take a long steamy shower and get ready to begin the beauty prep.

Start with a beautifully fragranced body wash such as a romantic rose scent. Get the steam of the shower working, and cleanse all your problems of the day away.

We love the Philosophy Pure Grace Nude Rose Shower Gel. It has such a beautiful fragrance and won't leave your skin feeling dry.






After cleansing, you want to give your body a full out exfoliation. This is especially important during the winter months.

You want to exfoliate your whole body to remove the dead skin and reveal the silky smooth skin underneath.

Make sure you hit your face too as it will help you have a glowing complexion.






One stand out product for us is the Lush ‘Ro’s Body Conditioner’.

It works the same as a hair conditioner as you rub it on your body after cleansing, don’t wash it off, leave it on for a few minutes and then rinse.

Your skin will be left feeling so extremely soft right after your shower. And it smells like roses! It is the perfect product to help with dry skin.

Last you don’t want to forget hair removal! Take the extra time to shave any unwanted body hair from your body to leave your skin touchably soft.







They say eyes are the window to the soul well we believe that brows are the window to the face!

Brows are easily something that can be left untouched for months on end and can make a big impact when taken care of.

You can either book in the day before your date to a salon for an eyebrow wax or thread or you can do them yourselves at home. If you choose to pull out the tweezers yourself just remember less is more!




As a stepmom, you are probably living off dry shampoo and maybe don’t remember the last time you washed your hair. Same with us so do not worry! For this reason, it is time that you treated yourself to a blowout! There are so many blow dry bars around and all you have to do is show up and they will give you perfect voluminous touchable date night hair. Your man will notice the difference that’s for sure.


Another thing that is easy to forgo is regular manicures. You may not feel like nails are a big deal but they are something that can complete a look and also make you feel great! If you have time to head out to a nail salon that’s perfect. If not you can also pop on some soft pink polish at home to add the perfect romantic touch.


Little Extras

If you live anywhere cold then you are probably feeling a lack of Vitamin D. Well we do not want to promote unsafe sun practices but we do love to fake it! Spray tans are a great way to add to your look and feel completely rejuvenated. The quality has really progressed over the years so you no longer have to worry about a streaky bright orange mess. There are many salons that you can go to but there are also many companies that come straight to your house! They just pop up a little tent in your room and there is no mess and no downtime. Perfect for the day of your big date.



It may be a fact that most stepmoms live off coffee! Well, those daily lattes can wear on your teeth. So another step in our date prep is teeth whitening.

It's super easy nowadays and can be done from home.  The crest white strips have an instant effect and are really easy to use. Just pop them on and go about your business.

Maybe put them in while you are doing your makeup to get things done faster!



At Home Facial

Facials are so relaxing and wonderful for your skin but busy moms may not have the time to fit one in at a spa or want to spend that kind of cash. That’s ok! You can give yourself an at-home facial.

All that really means is that you take some extra time with your skincare routine. Once you have exfoliated your face in the shower you are ready to start.

One thing I love to do (if you have time) is to apply a hydrating mask. Choose one that is brightening and it will leave your skin plumped and fresh.

We love the Summer Friday’s ‘Overtime Mask’ as it is packed with vitamins, pumpkin enzymes and exfoliating apricot seed powder to polish away dead skin cells for a luminous effect.


Finishing Touches



Scent memory is actually one of the strongest forms of memory.

So for date night why not wear the perfume you used to wear when you and your spouse first met? The scent will instantly transport both of you back to that time without you even realizing it. You could even wear the fragrance you wore on your wedding day.

Or buy a new scent and start a new memory. Maybe you then start to wear that one only on special occasions. It will make things feel more important than just your average day.




After reading this you may feel like this is a lot of work! We get it. It is. But sometimes it's important to really take the time to pamper yourself in order to feel good from the inside out. You will feel extra special and beautiful and your spouse is sure to notice the difference!

XO, Social Stepmom