4 Beauty Trends from Spring to Summer!

The 4 spring beauty trends we love for summer!

Summer is getting closer with spring looking to be a distant memory in just a short time. With a new season comes new trends. Who can keep up with all of it? The trick to easing into a new season of trends is to do so, slowly. How do we do it? By carrying over a few of our favorite spring trends that we can't get enough of! If you haven't worked in these spring trends, don't worry because they are here to stay all summer! Here are the 4 beauty trends we cannot get enough of!

Bright eyes

Bright eyeshadow is a huge trend right now, you can rock this in a number of different ways!


One of our favorites is a bold and bright lid. Feel like this is a bit too much color? Get a little more creative with it and use a bright shade for your eyeliner!

Our favorite way to work this trend in is to use a bright color from a palette you own. If you don't have an eye shadow palette, now is the time to get one!

Pick a palette with the neutral shades you like. There will always be a brighter shade that you can mix in to try this trend out!

Staven Vlasic Getty Images

Apparently, bronzer was out? We didn't know! If you've been waiting for bronzer to make a comeback, this is it!

Bronze up your face and add some extra warmth to your beauty looks this summer. When applying bronzer, think of the number 3. Starting from your forehead make a '3' shape into your cheekbones and then down into your jawline.

Using this technique will keep you perfectly bronzed all summer long.

Unplucked brows

We've said it before, and we'll say it again.

Put those tweezers down!

Cancel your eyebrow wax appointment!

Thinking about threading? Forget it!

One of the hottest beauty trends for 2019 is the bushy eyebrow!

Embrace this trend by filling in your natural brows. As long as you keep the look natural, you can't overfill! Our tip is to imitate eyebrow strokes with an eyebrow pencil for an extra full and natural look.

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Shine bright with some glitter! You can put glitter anywhere you want these days! If you feel more conservative about this trend, keep your glitter on your eyes.

If you want to take it up a notch, mix some glitter into your gloss! Your early 2000's dreams are coming back with the glitter gloss this season. Our favourite glitter to mix into our beauty looks: pink of course. Choose gold if you're planning on wearing glitter into the depths of summer. Gold will go perfect with your summer glow!