Being A Stepmom – How Our Husbands See Us!

Today, we discuss how our husbands see us!

Every member of a blended family is in a difficult position. As Stepmoms, we know this to be true for ourselves, but our husbands feel it too. As a father, he has divided loyalties between you and his children (not to mention trying to keep the peace with ‘she who shall not be named’!). However, even with the many unique dynamics that exist, one thing is for certain; our husbands love us very much!

One of the unique challenges of marrying a man with children is that you don’t get to enjoy the “honeymoon phase” that is normally enjoyed before the kids come along. The kids are already there on the wedding day (and they aren’t even yours)! Still, no marriage can survive without romance. So get creative! Send your husband sexy text messages or wake him up with a kiss before the kids come knocking on your door! Your husband loves you and needs you to make him a priority in your life.

Some husbands are better at dealing with these challenges than others, and some even take the time to recognize their wife for being an amazing stepmom to his kids. Even if you are married to a man that doesn’t verbally acknowledge your efforts, you should know that your husband does see everything you do and he truly appreciates it. He just wants the opportunity to show you his appreciation behind closed doors! His relationship with you means something different to him than it did with his first wife. He married you because he was in love and wanted to get married, instead of feeling like he had to get married.  

While living a blended life has it’s struggles, Stepmoms truly are the “everyday superhero”. You use your powers of cooking, cleaning, and supervision on a daily basis, so you should see yourself as a hero too! Not everyone has what it takes to be Super Stepmom! Don’t forget to give yourself some credit, your husband definitely does!

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