Being A Stepmom – How Our Kids See Us!

This is how our stepkids see us!

The relationship between a stepchild and stepmom depends on a lot of different factors: the age of the kids when dad and stepmom get together, how often the stepkids are around their stepmom, and how their biological mom acts towards her.  

One of the biggest struggles in this complicated relationship is loyalty. Many stepkids feel that liking their Stepmom is like betraying their birth mom. As a stepmom, there isn’t much we can do to control that. Unfortunately, only mom can pave the way to allowing her children to have a healthy, loving relationship with their stepmom. If that permission is not given, the stepkids may not treat you in a respectful way. You may feel as if they resent you for being around their family, when, in their eyes, it is their mother who should be there.

Children, including adult stepchildren, may have feelings of jealousy towards their Stepmom. They may have had their dad all to themselves for a long time before you came around and now, they see dad giving you the attention that used to be just for them.

As a result of these feelings and the behaviour towards us, stepmoms typically go above and beyond to try and win over their stepkids. In order to do so, we wear many hats: we cook their favourite meals, we clean up after them, we take them to do their favourite activities, and the list goes on. Some would say we are the queens of multi-tasking - the NANNY, HOUSE-KEEPER, CHEF, ETC! And when it all starts to feel like too much, enter Social Stepmom to lend a helping hand! The wait for the The Social Stepmom Society is almost over!

If you want to be a part of the fun, we are looking for Ambassadors from all around the world to join us! Be sure to APPLY HERE and come back tomorrow for the third instalment of this series, where we’ll be discussing how the ex-wife sees Stepmoms. You won’t want to miss it!

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