Blended Family Activities During The Long Weekend

blended family activities during the long weekend

Unfortunately, a blended family c starts with something ‘negative’. There may be a death, divorce or separation that leaves someone hurt, abandoned and grieved.

The divorce rate for the second marriage is higher than the first, and the number one cause is the children. Many families today are blending members from past relationships. The main issue is how to develop a harmonious relationship among the members of a blended family. Well, you can utilize the vacations to bring the family members close. What about long weekends? We look forward to them all the year, and then before we know it, they’re gone.

Let’s cast a cursory glance at the long weekend activities.

Cooking in the backyard

A backyard bar-be-que is a great time to try new recipes. When planning a menu, make sure that there is something for everyone (kids have different tastes). However, kids may be fine with just hotdogs and hamburgers. You must assign different responsibility to each kid. It will only help them to become a part of new family but they’ll also interact with each other. 

If you have an outside stereo, you can choose cool tunes to add extra fun. It’ll help build several sweet and lasting memories. 

Go for a hike

It’s a great outdoor activity that the whole family can enjoy. Remember, it’s a team-building activity which will help you to strengthen the relationship among the blended family members.  Teamwork comes into play during navigating the pathways and even reading the trail maps. All members help each other and call out if there are tree limbs, rocks, slides or any other obstacle up ahead. 

Family game night

Kids love to play games. You can build up two different teams and have a competition. But you must set strict rules to avoid any unpleasant situations. Any time spent together participating in structured activities can be an opportunity for building bridges, getting to know one another better and connecting.

Movie Night

Watching a movie with family is yet another great way to strengthen the love and affection among family members. However, it may be hard to pick a movie that everyone will enjoy. You can take suggestions, take turns or even take a vote. A happy, comedy movie is always a good option.


Soccer, basketball, baseball, or any other similar team sport is a great activity for a blended family. As a matter of fact, all family members can’t be professional players but everybody can spend time together by interacting and having fun outside.

Play dress-up

Kids love nothing better than dressing up and pretending to be someone else. For this purpose, you can use Halloween costumes. Besides, kids can also dress up in old clothes that you're going to throw out anyway. An impromptu game of dress-up is always a fun activity.

A Trip to the beach

If you can arrange a beach trip, it’d be a great opportunity for all family members to spend time together. You can do lots of activities including: walking, swimming, diving, surfing or colleting sea shells. The main motive is to spend time together and learn about each other.

Keep in mind the fact that whatever you do, let the kids take the lead; your job is to build the trust, be sensitive and to be the adult. Creating a new family is hard! Everyone has expectations and fears and what usually happens is that those fears end up being taken out on one another instead of worked through together.

Don't expect your children to become best friends with your new spouse's children. You need to insist that they treat each other with respect, but don't expect them to be immediate best friends. As they learn to respect each other, you will see a bond form. Give it time. Best of luck!

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Stay blessed and keep smiling!