The Only Clothes You NEED to Pack on Your Holiday!

The Only Clothes You NEED to Pack on Your Holiday!

Whether you're a fashionista or not, we have all fallen victim to the stresses of deciding which clothes to pack for a holiday! Don't over complicate it, and most importantly- don't stress! You're going on vacation/holiday/business trip/visiting family, whatever it is you're doing get excited and exhale that negativity. As expert travellers here is how we pack only the clothes we NEED when on holiday:

Answer these questions to inform your choices:

What type of trip is this?

Business trip? Sightseeing? A lot of physical activity? Multiple dressy events? Figure out what type of trip this is going to be to start thinking about what choices you need to be doing on this trip.

What activities will I be doing on this trip?

Sure you might be going to Italy so you're thinking 'fashion'! But are you walking all day? Leave those stiletto's at home and opt for a more practical shoe. Figuring out the activities you will be doing beforehand ensures that you will have all the garments you need to make the most out of your trip!

What’s the culture of my destination?

Crop tops might be an okay shirt of choice where you live but in more conservative countries? Absolutely not. Your Thailand retreat vacation might have you excited to break out all those summer clothes that have been hiding deep in the back of your closet this winter, but you won't be able to go into any of the temples dressed that way. Be culturally sensitive and do your research on the location you're travelling to. As a guest, you certainly do not want to offend the locals whose home you are visiting and of course, you want to be sure your outfit choices enable you to make the most out of your trip!

How will I be carrying my belongings?

Are you using a purse, fanny pack, pockets? Knowing the limitations of how you're going to be able to carry your items will inform what clothes yo back and the accessories you bring!

Your clothing must be interchangeable!

The key to packing efficiently is: mixing and matching! Your tops and bottoms must be able to interchange. Instead of packing 1 top, 1 bottom, and 1 topper for each activity you do create individual looks with a limited number of items by mixing and matching! Now you're bringing a fraction of the items while still having the same amount of outfits- look at you go!

Social Stepmom Tip #1: Think about fabric! If you want to maximize how many times you can wear your clothes pack fabrics that don't easily wrinkle and arent easily stained!

Social Stepmom Tip #2: Tell us your colour story! To make sure all your looks are cohesive, stick to a colour story! Think about how each item will compliment another. Deciding what your colour story will be is the key to creating a browsable and organized suitcase when you travel.

Social Stepmom's go-to items:
  • Small heels
    Go from day to night in heels that elevate your outfit but are comfortable enough to wear all day!
  • Dark wash jeans
    They don't stain easily whatsoever, they can be elevated from day-time to night time, they can be worn regardless of the temperature (not too hot of course). Jeans are a great addition to a suitcase for almost any trip
  • Plain shirts
    Yes, this might be a given- but sometimes a classic white tee is underestimated! Save room in your suitcase by packing 1-3 classic shirts that you can dress up or dress down. Elevate that tee with some jewellery, and accessories!
  • Cool sneakers
    Sneakers are in and our feet, back, and overall wellbeing could NOT be more grateful! Take advantage of this trend and wear your comfiest yet trendiest sneakers on the plane, with that sundress, on a hike- wow did you just use a single pair of shoes for 3 totally different activities? We are so proud!


What packing guidelines do you have for yourself? Keep the discussion going on our Instagram and share your tips with other over packers in need!


XO, Social Stepmom