Creative Ways To Incorporate Blended Families Into The Wedding

Creative Ways To Incorporate Blended Families Into The Wedding

Wedding season is upon us! And while the wedding is all about the union of you and your spouse, it’s also about the merging of your two families.

In some ways, centuries of tradition has laid at least a customary framework for this— your dad walks you down the aisle, his parents host the rehearsal dinner, you know the drill. But what about blended families?

The good news is that you get to use your creativity in choosing how you want to honor your blended families. There’s no right or wrong way to do it and since you won’t be shirking tradition, you won’t even have to answer to any older or more traditional family members about why you’re going rogue. It can be a fun way for your family to bond as you brainstorm all the cool ways they’ll be involved.

Creative Ways To Incorporate Blended Families Into The Wedding

Unity Sand Ceremony

The very idea behind a unity sand ceremony is that you’re blending your lives and families together irreversibly. The two of you each have a bottle of sand and together, you take turns pouring the sand into a special keepsake container. You can personalize the sand with your wedding colors and let everyone in your family take a turn pouring the sand in.

Unity Candle Ceremony

The unity candle idea is similar to the unity sand idea; several smaller tapered candles are lit and come together to light a larger ceremonial candle. This works better for older kids, but it’s also a nice way to involve parents as well.

Make a Grand Entrance

Depending on your family dynamics, the kids could help with walking you down the aisle or walk in the processional with a special task. When you and your new spouse arrive at the reception, it’s a great time to make a grand entrance together, as a whole family unit.

Let The Kids Take the Mic

For older or theatrically inclined kids, being part of the ceremony can be a touching and proud experience. Readings, whether religious or secular, are a great way for kids to get involved. In fact, readings from kids’ books and poetry make wonderful wedding readings. Musically inclined kids can take the stage for singing, piano playing, guitar, or any small musical act.

Address Them In Your Vows

While there’s something a little weird about having the kids do their own vows— it’s an awfully adult thing for young people who might not fully understand it— as more couples opt to write their own vows, it gives a great chance to address and acknowledge your blended family. As you make promises for your new lives as a spouses, you can use your vows to make promises as step parents too.

Family Dance

You already know if you have the family for this. There’s no better way to show your pizazz and sense of fun than a choreographed family dance. Songs like Thriller and Electric Slide are crowd favorites, but you can make it as complicated or easy as you need.


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