Five date night ideas you HAVEN’T done yet!

Five date night ideas you HAVEN'T done yet!

Dinner and a movie, it’s an oldie but is it goodie? …Of course, as long as there’s a good movie out! …It’s a great date night idea, unless you are going to the same dinner spots with the same menu over and over again. While we love dinner and we love movies, we think it’s time to switch up our date night plans. If this date night sounds all too familiar to you, keep on reading.

Here is a list of five date night ideas that will make for a much more interesting night spent with your love. Get personal, and feel free to make your own twist on any of these ideas! Be sure to tag us @socialstepmom to let us know how your date went! (Then phones off, come on we are on a date here!)

1. Embrace local! Visit a local landmark and head to a local venue afterward.

If you live in a big city, this might be something you have never done before. Driving past the CN Tower, Eiffel Tower, Empire State Building, London Eye, or Hollywood sign might be such a regular occurrence in your life that you’ve never thought to explore these landmarks! Get touristy with your date and head to a local attraction in your city! Finish off the night by continuing to embrace local and going to a local restaurant for a nightcap. You might just end up seeing your city in a whole other light that you may not have appreciated before!

2. Make a personalized scavenger hunt! 

This is an extremely thoughtful date idea that requires quite a bit of prep work but is definitely worth the time.

Surprise your date with a note or a text telling them to meet you at a specific location, once you two are done there give them a note with a clue for your next activity. Feel free to scurry off and have them decode the clue to find you at the location. Or stay put and watch their wheels turn as they decode your message!

Use riddles! Have them find out where you’re going next with either a rhyme, pictures, fill in the blanks, or having to ask a server for a clue (that you’ve given to the server ahead of time of course)! You’ll really have to get creative, here are a few options to help you come up with ideas for your own scavenger hunt:

  1. The place where you first met
  2. Your favourite restaurant
  3. A place you’ve been meaning to go to but haven’t gotten around to yet
  4. An activity you love to do
  5. An activity that scares you
  6. A place or an activity neither of you have ever heard of
  7. Something active
  8. Something relaxing
  9. Go dancing!
3. Make your own homemade pizzas!

Is there any better way to get to know the deep inner workings of a person than by what they put on their pizza? Get to know your date really well by inviting them over to make homemade pizzas!

This is a super cheap and fun date night idea that allows you to spend a lot of one-on-one time getting to know your date.

Get some dough, or make it from scratch! Make sure to buy a ton of fixings, or better yet, start off by heading to the store and grabbing your toppings together!

Set the scene with some music and candles, and you’ve just created an intimate and romantic date night from home.

4. Have a night out at the museum!

If you’re an art buff or love history, this might be something you regularly do. If it is not, then we highly encourage you to take your next date out for a night at the museum!

Museums are a great date night idea because they typically have rotating exhibits, so in a few months you can head back and see something new.

Check out your local museums to see what exhibits they currently have and which they have coming up.

Museums are way more versatile than the stereotype you might have of the dinosaur bones you saw as a kid (although we would like to say that dinosaur bones are actually incredible!).

From exhibits featuring original pieces by Christian Dior, to immersive light exhibits, to exhibits about your favourite film directors—museums have something for everyone!


5. Get up and get active!

On your date night, how about you go and do something. Take a look at activities in your area, you’ll be surprised at all the different and creative things you can do! A few of our favourites active date night ideas include:

  • Rock climbing
  • Axe throwing
  • Escape rooms
  • Adult jungle gym
  • Trampolining
  • Themed fitness classes
  • Ice skating
  • Roller skating