What to wear to to Easter brunch!

What to wear to Easter brunch!


Easter means a lot to so many people. If you're religious, this is a very sacred time of observance for you. If you're a kid, you're looking forward to a visit from the Easter bunny! Arguably, what a lot of us look forward to regardless of our religion or belief in the easter bunny is spending time with family and friends. Easter brunch is one of our favourite parts of the weekend! If this is something you do with your family or friends then this weekend is looking to be like one full of good eats and laughs.  Now if you're a fashionista, this means getting your easter look on point! Here is an example of our favourite Easter brunch look.



A great base for an Easter brunch look is a dress. If you wear a midi length you'll keep your legs warm if it's chilly this weekend. The feminine frame of a dress is light and airy enough for warm weather too! This year, consider a floral wrap dress or a pastel crochet dress.

A floral wrap dress is so incredibly versatile. You can wear it to an event like brunch, make it more casual with sneakers and a jacket, or wear it open as a topper! This season floral wrap dresses are a staple. Seriously pick one up and you'll be wearing it so many ways, you'll wonder how you ever got by without one!

A crochet dress is equally as versatile but for totally different reasons. The baseline for a crochet dress is brunch- not an overly fancy event but you've got to look good! From here, a crochet dress can only go up. Seriously, you can totally dress this piece up enough to wear to a wedding! Investing in a good quality pastel crochet dress can be worn all year round. This will probably be one of the cheaper dresses you'll buy for a wedding. It's a great piece to have on hand in your closet!

Light jacket

A parka is worth investing in if you live in a region with chilly winters. But do we talk about light jackets enough? You get usage out of this piece for both spring AND fall! The best part about investing in a good light jacket: they are significantly cheaper than a heavy coat.

Pick up a light jacket in a versatile colour. Some of our recommended colours would be black, beige, sand, or grey. A pink light jacket is iconic, but you might not have the wardrobe for it come October.

Throw a light jacket on for your Easter brunch outfit, it's the perfect time to ditch that heavy winter coat! Bring on the spring!

Open-toed heels

Do you wear open-toed shoes in the winter? We have two different takes on this. Some of us are unwavering in our belief that this is a giant NO-NO! While others...well we're indifferent. Regardless of your opinion, we can all admit that spring is the open-toed season! It's totally appropriate to show a little toe these days so get your pedicure on and show us that fresh polish!

Pastel purse

The best way to embrace the season is to accessorize! We are all about creating a closet full of staples. It's too expensive, wasteful, and frankly, exhausting, to have an entirely new wardrobe for every single season.

Save your pennies and the environment by accessorizing with the latest trend per season! This season, of course, pastels. We love a good pink! Get yourself a pastel purse, in this case, pink would match your Easter brunch outfit swimmingly!


We hope all of you have a safe and hoppy Easter! Get your brunch on, and enjoy your time spent with loved ones.