Eight Tips For Dating After A Divorce

Eight Tips For Dating After A Divorce

Other than suffering from the death or illness of a loved one, going through a divorce might just be the most difficult emotional journey that any person could ever have to experience. When children are involved, every decision you make affects the feelings of an entire family. But just because you are divorced does not mean that you can never find true love. If you are ready to bounce back from a divorce by testing the waters of the dating world, refer to the tips below before you attempt to dive in headfirst.

Forget Lingering Feelings Toward Your Ex

Before you move on from a divorce, you should do your best to lose all of your baggage from your previous marriage. If you still have feelings for your ex that you believe are strong enough to possibly lead you to return to your ex one day, you should avoid dating until you come to terms with your feelings. If you neglect this advice, the people that you date are likely to sense your feelings for your ex and end any future relationships before they have a chance to start.

Think About the Children

When there are children involved in a divorce, the choice to date again must take into consideration the feelings and well-being of the children. If you find a person that you enjoy dating, it can be tempting to introduce that person to your children right away. Avoid this temptation at all costs. Just because you enjoy dating someone does not mean that the relationship will flourish. And you do not want your children getting their hopes up only to be disappointed time and time again.

However, once you have established a deep connection with another person and entered into a committed relationship, you should start planning dates that involve the inclusion of your children. This way, your children can begin to get to know the person that you have grown to trust and love.

Never Compare Potential Partners to Your Ex

The fastest way to destroy any potential relationship with a partner is to assume he or she will act a certain way in different situations because your ex always acted a certain way in those same situations. Give the people you date the opportunity to show you how they act without telling them how you think they will act. If you do not, they are likely to resent your judgment and stop dating you.

Be Upfront and Honest

If you have children, make sure that you make that information known on the first date. The same goes for any serious medical issues. Also, do not try to inflate your career into sounding like something that it's not. Do not lie about your hobbies. Remember that you are trying to find the perfect partner for you and not the perfect partner for your made-up version of yourself.

Stay Away From Stereotypes

Give all types of people a chance. Do not make the mistake of assuming that people will act a certain way because of their size or occupation or anything else. Not all smart people are boring. Not all unemployed people are destined to be losers for life. Get to know the person, not the preconceived person that you have invented in your mind.

Date More Than One Person at a Time

If you only date one person at a time, each time that it does not work out will leave you feeling like you wasted your time. This will lead to a constant feeling of disappointment that could eventually convince you to give up on dating altogether. When you date multiple people at the same time, it will be easier for you to deal with the let-downs along the way.

Learn to Distinguish Good Advice from Bad Advice

While it is fine to discuss your experiences with dating with your friends, remember that what is good for you in the opinions of your friends might not actually be good for you at all. Only you truly know what is in your heart and what is best for you. Besides, sometimes friends offer advice that is only intended to make themselves feel better.

Practice Patience

While it is possible to find your true love at any time, do not get discouraged if it takes much longer than you thought it would. If you try to rush the process by settling for a person just for the sake of getting married again, you may just experience another divorce.

Just because your first marriage failed does not mean that you were not designed with the required skills to have a successful marriage. Your past relationships do not have to dictate your future if you make the choice to change the way you go about finding lasting love. While it is important to bounce back and try again when your heart is ready, make sure that you have a game plan so that you do not repeat mistakes that could have been easily avoided.

By: Kayla Clough

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