Energizing Foods To Get You Through The Day



From long workdays to long nights with the kids, eating the right foods to keep your energy up is essential for surviving the day.

Here are some of the great foods you can eat to ensure you can keep up your energy from sunup to sundown!

  1. WATER!!

I mean a lot of water. It’s what our body needs to survive, and you would be amazed if you knew just how much it can do for you! Remember, you should drink at least eight glasses of water per day, and if you need to change it up, look to options like sparkling water, putting fruits in for a different flavour,  or even a pinch of spice!

  1.  Whole Grains

Carbs are our body’s main source of fuel; they provide the necessary energy to literally keep us up and running! Just make sure you’re eating the ‘good’ carbs like:

  • Oatmeal
  • Brown Rice
  • Oats
  • Whole Wheat

Sick to these options to make sure you are getting the best carbs possible! But if your looking for something different, look for some ancient grains at your local grocery store to change it up.

  1. Dark Leafy Greens

There's a reason spinach, kale, and all the other good greens are popular. They are great for you! Try putting them into smoothies if you don’t love the taste or texture, or just eat them straight up in a salad! No matter who you get them just make sure you are eating them, there are lots of great recipes online for them. No matter how you want to eat them.

  1. Bananas

Bananas are an incredibly versatile fruit, they don't need to be dressed up to be enjoyed! They also contain a ton of essential vitamins that provide natural energy. One easy idea is to put some of your favorite nut butter on a banana! It’s quick and easy and won't leave you with the bad crash that comes with some other high energy options!

  1. Dark Chocolate

Are you feeling the energy crash AND craving something sweet? Look no further than dark chocolate. It contains a natural stimulant, similar to that in coffee for a nice light energy boost without the caffeine crash.

Try any of these great options and look for a way to incorporate them into your daily life, so you can keep up! Just remember the easier it is to prepare, the more likely you are to eat it.

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