Fancy Your Dress!

Fancy up ANY dress!


It is not every day that us stepmoms attend an ultra fancy black tie event. Most of us have too much on the go to even have time to attend any type of event let alone something fancy!

If you have a special occasion to attend with limited outfit options, then we have the best solution! If you have been following our blog for a while now you know that we love shopping our closets! It really is the easiest way to create a new and unique look without spending too much time or money.

Be sure to read our very first article about shopping your closet here! We go in-depth on how to create an organized closet that can help you easily mix and match what you already own. If you have a simple black or neutral dress you can easily make it look instantly fancy by adding some key accessories.

As shown in this picture you can completely coordinate your accessories and you will look fabulous and put together.

Now is the time to have fun with your outfits. If you have a lavish elegant event to go to just pull out your most glitzy pieces and add them do you look!

Pieces to Look For
1. Fancy Broaches

Have you ever received an old family heirloom and thought to yourself when am I ever going to wear such a thing? Our parents and grandparents were fancier than us as per the times and we often take for granted any old pieces they may have given us. Broaches are a really timeless piece that can add such an elegance to any simple dress. You may have one or two lying around your closet but if you don't many stores are selling them nowadays! We love this starburst crystal pin which we found at Nordstrom!

2. Elegant Scarves

Scarves or pashminas are such a classic way to amp up your dress to something fancier than it actually is. Now I'm not talking about the type of scarf that will keep you really warm in the winter, but rather, the thin luxurious ones. We love this pink shimmer one from Nordstrom as it has a little bit of glitz to it without looking overdone. Especially if your dress is sleeveless this will create a more conservative look when worn across the shoulders.

3. Belts

Most of us typically associate belts as functional products that hold up our pants. Well, this is no longer the case! Belts are so much more than function. In fact, a great way to add some sparkle to your outfit is to add a belt around your waist. Go for something over the top. We love this crystal and beaded belt from Nordstrom. Put this around your waist and it instantly makes your outfit look more expensive than it is! Or if you want something more simple, a nice thin pink belt with a bow will add a nice touch as well.

4. Stunning Heels

If you have a fancy event then now is not the time to wear comfy footwear. Go for a heel that has some embellishment to it. So many heels have rhinestones or crystals so the possibilities are endless. Another option is to go for a really fancy pattern as shown in the first picture! They don't have to be expensive to look expensive!

5. Bold Prints

For your big event don't bring your 'mom' purse! You know we all have one. It's the largest bag in our collection that we just dump everything into. Well for your party opt for something small and chic. Definitely grab an evening clutch and have some fun while you're at it. Grab one that is covered in crystals or one that is a bold leopard print! By choosing something that is really different and stands out it will give your overall look more style and lavishness.


We hope you enjoy getting fancy as much as we do! After finding all these pieces in your closet why not throw a fun and extravagant Oscar viewing party? Take a night and feel like a true celebrity, you deserve it!

XO, Social Stepmom