Fashion Friday Botanicals

fashion Friday botanicals

It has been a busy week here at Social Stepmom. It may not look like it because we have slowed down our content, BUT we have a reason for that. We are currently re-organizing and re-structuring the Social Stepmom Brand because we feel it is ready to evolve. What does this entail?

We can't tell you everything, but we can tell you a few things to look forward to. One being more video content, aka weekly video content. With that being said, what kind of video content do you think we should do? We have our own ideas, but we want to see what you ladies have to say!

The second thing we have in the works is a podcast. This is extremely new to us, and we hope to have our first episode live for you guys asap. We cannot wait to start our podcasting journey.

Now without further ado let's get into today's post, Fashion Friday. This weeks theme focuses on the botanical trend going on this summer. The summer is coming to an end, so we knew if we were going to push this trend, it had to be NOW.


fashion Friday botanicals

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