Fashion Friday Totes and Bags

fashion Friday totes and bags social stepmom

Do you love a good bag? We do too! So, this week we have Fashion Friday Totes and Bags coming at you! This weeks theme focuses on, totes and bags with one dress that we feel would work with any of the bags mentioned!

We tried to choose six different styles, so there is something for every stepmom and mom.

The pink furry bag is for the high fashion, girlie mom. It's our personal favourite and we can't get enough of it.

The pink and white leather bag is for the chic, minimalistic mom.

The raffia and pink leather bag is for the in-the-middle mom. This mom is cute and girlie, but also very natural looking.

The fanny pack is for the trendy mom. Fancy packs are making a come back, and we couldn't be more excited! They are small, sleek and have just enough room for the essentials.

The blush cutout bag, for the edgy mom... with a feminine touch.

The white wicker bag is for all moms. Trust us. It's a great size, a neutral colour and perfect for your summer activities. This is your new go-to cottage bag.

Finally the dress. We chose a dress that could pair with any of these bags depending on the occasion. Wear it for an evening out, lunch, school events, grocery shopping, to the cottage... you name it, you can probably wear this dress.

Want to shop these items?

Check them out below!

fashion Friday totes and bags social stepmom

1. TIBI Watts cotton Oxford midi dress | @netaporter

2. ULLA JOHNSON Rona wicker tote | @netaporter

3. HUNTING SEASON Trunk woven raffia and leather shoulder bag | @netaporter

4. LOEFFLER RANDALL Zadie feather and leather tote | @netaporter

5. MARC JACOBS The Hip Shot convertible color-block textured-leather belt bag | @netaporter

6. HEREU Colmado cutout leather tote | @netaporter

7. DANSE LENTE Johnny mini leather bucket bag | @netaporter

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