Feature Friday – A Story from a Stepkid

My name is Kate and I am part of a blended family. I am 10 years old and have been in my blended family since I was 4. I like to think about all of the things that are good about being in a blended family. We are always very busy going from Mom's house to Dad's house. It was hard at first, but now I am used to it and I love it.

Today I am sharing my list of reasons why being in a blended family is a great thing!

1. There are alot of people to talk to. It doesn't matter if I am at Mom's or Dad's house. There is always someone around to talk to!

2. You never get lonely. I like to be around people and with a big family, I never get lonely.

3. You have more brothers and sisters. I have one brother and one sister. When my Dad married my Stepmom, I got another brother and sister! And my Mom's boyfriend has a daughter too so I have lots of siblings now.

4. Everyone is happy (most of the time). Because we don't see each other every day, everyone is pretty happy when we are together. We have so much fun at both homes.

5. You get more than two parents. Most of my friends only have two parents. I have two sets of parents! I like to spend time with all of them.

6. You get alot of quality time with your Mom or your Dad. When I'm at Mom's house, I get to spend special time with her and when I'm at Dad's house, we do lots of fun things together that we love to do, like play hockey.

7. You get to have two families! We get to do fun things with both families. We get to have two of everything, like Christmas and Easter. And we have extra grandparents too which is really special.

I really hope to meet other Stepkids so I can help them talk about the good things that come along with being in a blended family.

Kate Allen - 10 years old Barrie, Ontario, Canada