GIVEAWAY: Valentine’s Bubble Bath with Bathorium

The Bathorium bath soaks you need for Valentine's!

Is there really anything better than soaking in the tub in an extravagant array of bubbles with that special someone?  If you have the luxury of access to a large tub grab your spouse and share a romantic evening together! This Valentine’s Day why not create a romantic and relaxing party for two! Bathorium creates our favourite line of bath products that enhance bath time like never before. Here's why we love bubble baths with Bathorium and how you can create your own Social Stepmom approved bubble bath in the comfort of your own home!

The power of the bath

Creating new traditions and rituals are good for the soul and also good for your relationship! We are certain that at least once in your adult life all of you stepmoms have experienced the relaxation that comes from an invigorating and therapeutic bubble bath. Check in with your partner, have they?

It's no secret that at Social Stepmom we believe in taking some time to connect with your partner, there's no better time than to hop into the bath and rejuvenate your body and mind with the person you love! We have done the really tough research (ok maybe not so tough) on creating the perfect bath. Here's a  list of products that we absolutely love and recommend you use in your next, or first, bubble bath with your partner!

Set the scene

You have now convinced your partner to join you in the bath! Congratulations, was it harder or easier than you thought? Now we can get to the important part: setting the scene.

Your life is hectic and super busy,  this time is all about you so put in a little extra effort to make it magical!  Hopping in the tub sounds great until you get into the bathroom and find a dirty tub, old razer, and half empty bottles of shampoo lying around. Instant mood killer for sure. Keep the tub clean, remove all your products from around the ledge, and tuck away anything that's purpose is for 'function' and not 'FUN'!

I’m not saying you need to take hours to scrub your tub, but take some time to create a romantic setting. Remove all products from the tub such as bottles, loufas, razors, soap, anything that is used for function and not for fun!


A bath night with your spouse is an affordable luxury, make sure you keep it luxurious and add a little decor! Keep it as simple as you like and use items you already have at home. 

Grab a few scented candles and place them around the bathroom and around the tub! Just remember to keep them in safe areas. Find your most plush and soft towels and lay them out for easy access. Grab a bouquet of roses (seriously, you can get this at the gas station if a florist isn't in the budget), pop off each petal, throw them on the floor as well as in the water. Pick up your favourite bottle of wine or beer if your spouse prefers. If we are really going for it, have some chocolate covered strawberries out and ready.

The possibilities are endless!

Start the bath

A simple step but when filling the bath with water there are two things you need to remember:

  1. Fill the tub up with less water than you normally would. With two bodies in the water, it will displace more... science right? 
  2. Run the water a little bit warmer than normal. It may take you and your spouse some time before you hop in so the temperature will be ready by the time you get in!

The perfect bath products for you!

Now is the fun part. The bubbles! We have teamed up with Bathorium and selected the perfect bath soaks for every type of couple!

For the Exhausted Couple

“Be Calm Bubble Elixir” this is a lavender and earl grey tea infused bubble bath oil. This is a liquid bubble bath that will send you into a sleepy abyss.

If you and your partner feel like you’ve had the longest week ever and Valentine’s Day seems like more of a chore than this is the one for you! This soak has long lasting creamy bubbles that act as a soothing sleep aid.

Let the scent of lavender send you and your partner into a pleasant sleepy daze, tonight you'll both be sleeping like a baby!

For the Fitness Obsessed Couple

“Northern Sage Recovery C-R-U-S-H” this bath soak has energetic sage and pine oil, BC glacial clay and Epsom salts.

Instantly you will feel a cool tingle of fresh menthol. The BC clay has a high mineral content that will pull toxins from your body and leave skin soft and dewy. While the Epsom salts will soothe any sore muscles from the workouts you and your partner recently conquered.

Detoxify and brighten your skin with pine and coriander seed.

You and your partner will instantly have soothed relaxed muscles ready wherever the night takes you!


The Romantic Couple

“Mama’s Perch” is a rose and geranium relaxing floral bath bomb.

This bath bomb releases orange, rose, and ylang-ylang essential oils. These scents instantly allow you to escape to a gorgeous flower garden and put your mind at ease.

This bath bomb has dried roses in it already which will add a romantic touch to the bath.

In addition, the mama's perch bath bomb has hydrating cocoa butter and coconut milk.

This bath bomb creates the perfect romantic escape!

The Go-Getter Couple

“Morning Sunshine” is an energizing orange and grapefruit bath bomb with jojoba oils! This bath bomb is for the couple who wants to start their day with a romantic bath and is ready to accomplish anything!

The morning sunshine bath bomb is energizing and awakening with sweet orange and lemon oils. Jojoba and mango butters help jolt the senses back into action.

This bath bomb even has micro glitter to give the skin a natural glow! Don’t worry it’s not enough to mess up the tub. Your skin will have a stunning glow and you and your partner will be ready to take on the day!



The Winter Worn Couple

“Ancient Oat Hydration C-R-U-S-H” this bath soak has hydrating ground oatmeal, rice milk, warm vanilla, and lemongrass oil.  You and your partner might be avid winter adventurers and have spent your days outdoors skiing or snowshoeing.

If this sounds like you, then this bath soak is perfect.

Bathorium's ancient oat hydration bath soak covers you will a soothing wrap of vanilla and lemongrass with a creamy floral lather.

Organic oats and rice milk soothes dry cracked skin and leaves it silky and soft. Chamomile essential oils will help you to relax and restore.



PS. ALL OF THESE PRODUCTS COULD BE YOURS!  To enter this contest simply complete the quiz located at the top of our homepage. Goodluck!


These luxury Bathorium products are going to bring you so much relaxation and romance this Valentine's Day! Be sure to let us know what you think, and which of these are your favourites!

Xo, Social Stepmom