The 3 Glossier Products you NEED in your makeup bag for the holidays!

Glossier is currently flooding the makeup industry with a ton of self-love vibes, encouraging women to love their skin with products that add minimal coverage with a dewy glow. If you haven’t already, it’s time for you to hop on this empowerment wave and embrace those beautiful features of yours that make you unique! With plenty of parties coming up, the time is now to freshen up your makeup bag, here is our complete list of Glossier products you NEED for the holidays, as well as our tried and tested tips for flawless application!

Glossier Boy Brow in Clear Social Stepmom

Boy Brow

The eyebrow mistakes of our past have officially come back to haunt us.  We are all about embracing the bushy brow right now so put. those. tweezers. down! Instead, what you need to reach for is Boy Brow, Glossier’s all-in-one brow fluffer, filler, and shaper. Boy Brow is a pomade that comes in what resembles a mini mascara bottle and is super easy to use. Using upward and outward strokes, brush those eyebrowhairs into place. Seriously, it’s that easy. Boy Brow comes in 4 different shades: black, brown, blonde, and clear.

SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: If you have thin brows, fill in your brows with your regular brow pencil or brush to get your desired shape and then use Boy Brow for the ultimate bushy brow.



Glossier Cloud Paint in Puff Social StepmomCloud Paint

Do you ever find yourself daydreaming about being a kid again? You know, simpler times full of less responsibility? Then you just keep that head in the clouds because Glossier’s Cloud Paint makes finger painting like a kid a part of your daily makeup routine! Cloud Paint is a blush with a gel-cream formula that comes in a range of shades inspired by the colours gradient NYC sunsets. To use, dab a tiny dot onto your finger and blend into skin. The blush is extremely pigmented so be sure to start off with a little bit and continue to build up to your desired shade.

SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: When you are naturally flushed more areas of your face fill with colour, use any excess product on your finger to warm up your nose or as a base for your eyeshadow!



Glossier Lip Gloss Social StepmomLip Gloss

If Glossier is an expert in anything, it’s gloss. Lip Gloss is formulated to include all the aspects you love about lip gloss and without everything you don’t! This clear gloss formulated to be non-sticky and extremely hydrating with Vitamin E. Unlike your old school sparkly gloss that clung to all hair, lint, crumbs, and somehow disappeared in an hour, Lip Gloss provides a long-lasting and moisturizing shine that is super lightweight!

SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: There’s nothing like a glassy finish to elevate a bright coloured lip! Use Lip Gloss on top of any lip colour to add extra dimension to any lipstick.