Goodness Chic is a fabulous blog I have been enjoying and wanted to share with all of you! Erin, the author shares some great tips on her blog for parenting, family dynamics and mental health! Her recent topic on anger busters really stuck with me. As step moms, or anyone looking to gain a bit more control on difficult situation, these tips are super helpful! Read her full post here!

Anger Busters: 20 ways to alleviate anger

1) Deep breathes – close your eyes and take a total of 3 breathes. Breathe in deeply, release.
2) Stress balls – use them, squish them and a great tangible release.
3) Push ups – before bed & in the morning- do what you can (aim for 50).
4) Fresh air – at least 3 days a week be outside for at least 15 minutes.
5) Time out- when anger flares to avoid saying/doing something negative = give an outlet for going in their room, a walk for a short time to breathe, calm down.
6) Punching bag- get one & use it 5 days a week for @ least 5 min. a day.
7) Pillow talk – great way to scream your anger out in a more appropriate way.
8) Animals – time with pets has a calming effect – if you don’t have any, volunteering at an area shelter could be a great outlet.
9) Music – playing an instrument (drums, guitar, etc.) is an awesome outlet.
10) Diffuser – place a diffuser in their bedroom – oils such as lavender have a calming effect.
11) Martial arts – discipline combined with physical contact = awesomeness.
12) Sleep – 8 hours of solid sleep can decrease angst/irritability and anger.
13) Eating – decreasing the amount of sugar and caffeine can sometimes correlate with fewer episodes of anger.
14) Positive peeps – aim to surround yourself with positive, uplifting people.
15) Just say no – being overcommitted and extended can correlate with anger. Saying no and finding balance can be uber healthy.
16) Shower/bath – a long, hot shower or bath can do a number to unwind nerves and tension.
17) Go somewhere – get out of your zip code even if only for a few hours. See, smell, chill somewhere that peaks your interest and is new. Adding something ‘new’ to the daily grind can help.
18) Limited alone time – being alone too much isn’t a good thing. Limit time in your bedroom, areas where you are totally detached from others.
19) Keep busy – sitting still, being unproductive can attribute to depression and a low self esteem. Whether a hobby, sport or activity being active is really important.
20) Positive self talk – begin correcting yourself when you say anything negative about yourself. Remind yourself continually about your positives. Positive mindsets are super powerful!

A little more about Erin…

For the past fifteen years Erin Lawler Patterson has worked with teens struggling with addiction, family member’s with addiction, self- harm and mental health issues.As a high school addictions counselor she believes in often unorthodox approaches in working with kids. She started a food pantry, thrift shop and a homeless outreach at the high school she works in. Erin believes that serving others is an important spoke in the wheel of wellness and self esteem.

She holds her Bachelors Degree from the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill and her Masters Degree from East Carolina University. In 2015 she was named as one of Burlington County’s Women of the Year by the Governor’s Council. In 2016, Erin received the honor of being named one of 20 Super Women in Southern New Jersey by South Jersey Magazine. She is the author of the newly released book: Peace, Love & Goodness: Lessons from the Drug Lady.

Erin is passionate about teens, family dynamics and finding practical solutions when addressing issues we face on both a personal and community level. For fifteen years Erin has been a motivational speaker inspiring young and old to live fully, address their issues and become comfortable dialoguing about addiction.