Great Foods For Your Skin – Plus an Easy Nut Milk Recipe

PHOTO CREDIT: Greenhouse Juice Co @greenhousejuice

Get a healthy glow that radiates from the inside out by adding a diet of essential vitamins and nutrients for better-looking skin. We've created a guide with tips on what to eat to get every amazing skin benefit food can offer!

Drinking Water.  is crucial for flushing out toxins, and keeping skin looking fresh. To keep it interesting, spice up your water with peaches, cucumber, lemon, mint or berries, or any combination of that you like.  You can also drink green tea, for a great option to detox your system.


Some things you should look out for in your foods are certain vitamins and minerals.

Vitamin A can help rebuild skin tissue and helps prevent wrinkles. Some of the best things you can eat that have lots of Vitamin A are Broccoli, Papaya, and Carrots

Vitamin B can give your skin a boost by increasing blood circulation and helping your skin receive more oxygen. BeanSweet Potatoes, and Bananas all have lots of Vitamin B! Try and find spots to put these foods into your daily diet!

Vitamin C can help your skin bounce back better by increasing the amount of collagen it produces. This can be found in grapefruit, kiwi, and papaya, try some of these in a smoothie to get your daily intake all with something you can eat on the go!

Vitamin E  reduces the appearance of age spots, wrinkles, stretch marks. By eating more greens, nuts, and tropical fruits you can increase your amount of vitamin E and reap all of the benefits!


While these are just the Vitamins you can put into your diet to help your skins there are options to help your skin in other ways!

Fatty Acids protect against sun damage, allows water and nutrients into the skin while keeping toxins out, and wards off inflammation dark. Some things you can eat that have lots of fatty acids are beets, fish, almonds, and avocados!

Pectin can help to prevent wrinkles and blemishes, keeps skin conditioned and toned, essential in driving acne away for clear and beautiful skin. Pectin can be found in kiwi, apples, peaches, and peas!

Selenium help the skin at a cellular level, by helping regenerate vitamins E and C, which can protect against sun damage, helps heal injuries, and flaky skin. The most common foods with lots of Selenium are brazil nuts, whole wheat, and brown rice.

Other Antioxidants that help fight against free radicals and helps rejuvenate the skin are cantaloupe, plums, and blueberries.

This is a fairly long list of items but with this many choices, it shouldn't be hard to incorporate these foods into your daily routine!



Check out this recipe we love in just a few easy steps!!

What you need: 1 cup of nuts, blender, water

Soak 1 Cup of nuts (we like cashews to reduce the straining process) with 4 Cups of water overnight (Always 1-4 ratio)

In the morning, rinse the nuts and then blend and mix until smooth. If you are using a nut with casing (almonds as an example) you will have to run it through cheese cloth a few times for a cleaner milk.

Store your cashew in the fridge (can last up to five days) and use with anything you would normally use milk for, and know that you are doing your body good!