Happy Holidays, Happy Feet!

Happy Holidays, Happy Socks, Happy Feet


Christmas can become an extremely stressful time of the year but for kids, Christmas still has MAGIC! Christmas for our little ones is full of surprises, fun, and excitement. So this year at Christmas why not take some time and make sure your kids and stepkids have the happiest Christmas they can! It may even be as simple as grabbing them some Happy Socks! Who says warm cozy feet can’t bring happiness?!


As a stepkid myself, Christmas has actually become extra exciting. I get to do everything twice... two sets of presents, two stockings, and two dinners (well, I personally have four but that’s another story)! Most kids with divorced parents will have Christmas at their moms and their dads. For me, when I was younger I really enjoyed the gifts! When your parents are together you get fewer gifts, that’s just a fact! Your kids will figure that out really quick trust me. While things may feel complicated to you, your kids may just be enjoying the fact of two sets of toys! I remember when I got a little bit older, I would give specific and very different Christmas Wish Lists to my mom and dad. I was aware that they didn’t want to talk and co-ordinate so I would send them different lists. Man was I smart as a kid!


What also becomes exciting are the traditions each side of the family will make. For instance, my mom would always, always, always, buy me socks for Christmas. Without fail, there would be fun decorative socks in my stocking. I always expected it and if for some reason my mom forgot it would not go unnoticed by me. Now that my mom is re-married my stepdad has taken over the sock tradition which is very sweet and means a lot to me. Not only does he buy me socks, but every year he wraps them in very unique ways. For instance, he bought nine little gift bags that had Reindeer on them and one that had Santa on it. He tied all those gift bags together as if it was Santas sleigh and inside each bag was a different pair of socks. I'm an adult now and every year, without fail, he still finds a new way to wrap the socks. It was something that really brought us closer together and still does.

My mom always told me that Santa visited me twice because I was extra special. Although I didn’t quite understand what that meant as a young girl I really bought into it and loved having two separate celebrations.

   SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: Try starting a new tradition even if its something small like buying fun socks for your stepkids every year. Starting traditions is fun but will also build trust with your stepkids as they know that you will commit every year to them! Or you can even find out what your stepkids already have and add on to that. Giving your own twist to a tradition can make them feel comfortable while making you feel comfortable too!

We would love for you to write to us and share some of your kid's favourite aspects of having two Christmases. What do they love most about it? Do you buy your kids socks every year? Let us know!