Happy National Mac ‘N Cheese Day!

Happy National Mac 'N Cheese Day! Hope you enjoy this home made recipe below with your step kids. Be sure to share your photos with us. Hope you have a great weekend!


1 L 35% Cream

500ml Sharp Old Cheddar – shredded

350 g Macaroni Noodles

Cracked Pepper – to taste

Himalayan Salt – to taste

Nutmeg – 1 pinch




In a large sauce pot bring cream to slight boil. Just as bubbles form add cheese gradually.

Slowly stir cream with a wooden spoon to incorporate cheese and cream until smooth and coats the back of spoon.

While making sauce boil water and cook noodles until al dente.

Drain noodles and slightly dry with paper towel.

Add noodles to sauce and stir to mix fully.

Mac and Cheese is ready to serve.