Happy National Parents Day!

Over the last few days, we were honoured to have the young and beautiful @Natashamarieyoga from Los Angeles to teach us one of the most amazing yoga practices. It was inspirational, yet challenging. I would like to say I photoshopped in the stretch marks (the right of passage I earned through having kids) but sadly I did not. This picture shows my imperfections or let’s call it a metaphor for the scars we earn as Moms and Stepmoms, but it also shows strength. The strength you may not know you had and most certainly need when you are a stepmom. For all the stepmom's out there, on National Parent's Day, we should be so proud to have the inner strength to do what we do! The days you are down, try and find that strength that keeps you upright and leveled, you are just upside down temporarily and you will turn yourself back upright! NAMASTE!