How 5 Minutes Every Day Can Make You Exceptionally Successful



The ultra-successful may seem larger than life, but if we break down the habits of millionaires and billionaires, we can see that their small, personal, daily routines are just as crucial as the big business decisions they make.

Here are five of their mini-routines you can incorporate into your day to help you become more successful.

1. Visualize your journey to the top.

Take five minutes every day to picture what you want in life, and ask yourself if you did something that day that moved you closer to your goal. If not, picture what small steps you can do to catalyze that change. The trick to this routine is to not ideally wish or dream. This habit might start in your head, but it needs to turn into an actionable, concrete game plan over time.

2. Save money like clockwork.

In terms of financial success, a quick thing you can do to instantly take a step towards more wealth is to automate your savings. If you’re not sure how much money to set aside, I suggest using the practical 50–20–30 rule, which calls for categorizing spending and allocating 50% of your income on needs, 30% on wants and activities, and 20% on bettering your financial future (like saving for your future).

3. Be uncomfortable for five minutes every day.

Take a step outside your comfort zone, this could be as simple as trying a new food, asking for help, talking to a new person, or requesting feedback from a peer. It could be something bigger like investing your money or learning how to say “no.”

4. Jot five new ideas down a day.

One way to incorporate this concept into a quick, daily routine is to jot down five new ideas every day. They don’t all have to be groundbreaking or even that great. The point of this simple exercise is to turn your mind into a well-oiled moneymaking machine that is primed to come up with new innovations and novel solutions that will make you rise to the top.

5. Take five minutes to work on yourself.

One thing the separates the incredibly rich and prosperous from the rest of us is how they utilize their downtime for self-improvement. So instead of binging on Game of Thrones, look for productive things to do during your time off and in the gaps in your day. You could take five minutes to read a short article, learn a piece of a new skill, knock out 20 push-ups, or do a quick five-minute stretch routine