How Society Sees Stepmoms!

This week we want to discuss how Stepmoms are seen from different perspectives. Today, we’re going to talk about how society views “Stepmoms.”

Fairy Tales are one of the oldest, most read, shared, and acted out stories forming the opinion of Stepmoms today. From a young age, children are taught to fear Stepmothers. There are plenty of films created that bring the “wicked stepmother” to life for children. Take Disney for example - the Cinderella story is loved by many, and is part of one of the greatest children’s attractions in the world. Kids happen to love The Parent Trap and find it hilarious when bad things happen to the soon-to-be Stepmom in the movie (I’m not exactly sure how to take that). Other Disney films that portray an evil image of stepmoms include Enchanted, Into the Woods, Ella Enchanted, Snow White, and the Cinderella remake with Cate Blanchett cast as the evil stepmother. Our children not only love these stories, but they want to mimic and reenact during playtime. Except I don’t know any child stomping their feet to be the Stepmom. In fact, I would guess we would rank below the famous tree or rock part. It is that bad!

Unfortunately, this image that has been created has real life consequences. People who don’t live with the title of Stepmom have no idea what it’s like to be one, but they ARE aware of the negative stigmas and societal pressures. Sadly, some people may think of these negative and unfair stigmas when they meet a Stepmom, and for most of us Stepmoms who love our family this is unacceptable.

Have you ever been out with your stepchild when someone assumes you’re their mom? When you or your stepchild clarifies that you’re their Stepmom, the judgement changes whether for good or bad. It happens all the time! Society views Stepmoms as second rate, it’s as if they see Lady Tremaine (Cinderella’s wicked stepmother) or the Wicked Queen from Snow White when you tell anyone who you are, or at least that is how some of us may feel! Now we know we did not bare the child through the long (okay - very long) 9 months, go through labour, or nurtured at the beginning (with the exception of a few of us), but we most certainly love and care for our stepkids.

Stepmoms certainly don’t have it easy, and it is time for a change, time for a movement to help Stepmoms around the stigma!

Social Stepmom wants to help change the negative stigma surrounding stepmoms, but we need your help! The Social Stepmom Society launches this fall and we are looking for Ambassadors from all around the world to join us! APPLY HERE!  

Stay tuned this week as the series continues!