How to Get Your Kids to Read Over The Holidays

How to Motivate Your Kids to Read over the Holidays

Ahh, the holiday reading list! To some, it can be such a joy to be off school or off work and be able to spend hours curled up reading your favourite book. To others, it can be a nightmare and close to impossible. I’m sure a lot of us moms out there have a long reading list for 2018 that I’m sure we haven’t even started, even though we had the best intentions. So how about your children’s reading list? Non-existent I’m sure over the hustle of the holidays.

Here at Social Stepmom we have found some great tips and tricks on how to stay on top of your Holiday reading list with your kids! Maybe, just maybe, if you can get your children to be motivated to read you may be able to sneak in some reading time yourself. Reading can be tricky with kids; some kids love reading while some hate it and it will seem borderline impossible to motivate them. For the kids who aren’t readers, it may take some creativity. Here are our ideas on getting some family reading time in over the Holiday’s

Create a Cozy Reading Nook

Reading should be relaxing and enjoyable. You want to make sure your kids feel comfortable and stress-free! So why not get some super cozy matching pajamas and snuggle up on your bed. Especially if they are not usually allowed on Mommy’s bed. This will make it even more of a special occasion. The girls and I got these super cute PJ’s from Poppy’s Collection by the brand Petidoux and we love them! So why not make a fort, hang some twinkly lights and get cozy to make reading a special time that is relaxing and fun!

Keep a Reading Log

All kids like a little friendly competition, especially when their siblings are involved! So why not create a reading ‘Countdown to Christmas’. Keep a log and give your kids stickers for every book they read. Let them put the sticker on the log so they can keep track of their progress. You can even create the ‘12 days of Christmas Reading List’. Then give a special prize at the end. To make this extra special you can even create a tradition. Let’s say on the final day if they have completed all their books you read them The Night Before Christmas. They will love it and you can motivate them by saying ‘we can’t read that one until the rest are done’! If you make reading a game, it seems less of a chore for your kids!

Limit Screen Time

Oh the iPad… sometimes the iPad can be a parents savior, however, studies show that the amount of screen time a child has can actually limit their attention span. Therefore, it’s very important to reduce electronics. By reducing tv, phone and iPad time your child will be looking for other things to do. If they aren’t quite ready for solid reading time that is ok. There are tons of audiobooks for kids. This will allow the whole family to get together and listen. It even allows room for the little ones to act out the story. Also reading out loud to your children is always more fun than your child reading the book themselves. Maybe even get the older sibling to read to the younger sibling. One trick is to start reading the first chapter (get the kids hooked) and then say if you want to know what happens you have to read it out loud! Even teenagers enjoy being read aloud to.


  SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: Most importantly if you show your own love of reading to your kids, they are more likely to follow in your footsteps! Just remember to make it fun and relaxing and keep it festive this holiday season!