How to Rock Pink and Red This Valentine’s!

How to Rock Pink and Red This Valentine’s!



Why choose between pink and red this Valentine’s Day when you could choose both? Yes, it may seem cliché but wearing bright pink and bold red this year is completely on trend. In fact, one of the biggest trends we are seeing this year is wearing both colours at the same time! So no more shying away from pairing two bold colours, this year we are going big!  We have put together a list of amazing pieces that will be sure to get you Valentine’s Day ready. You can shop our picks or use them as inspiration to shop your own closest! You’d be surprised how many of these pieces you already have lying around!

Don’t Be Afraid to Mix and Match

Gone are the days of being afraid to mix two bold colours in the same look! We are taking a page out of A-List celebrities playbook and encouraging you to pair hot pink with a bold firey red. This combination looks smart, powerful and unique. The best way to achieve this is with colour blocking. Colour blocking is the use of contrasting blocks or panels of solid, typically bright color. We have some of our favourite picks in our shoppable link below but if you're a mom on the go and don't have time to shop that's ok too! You can mix and match these two colours in any way that suits your closet and style. Have a great pink skirt? Pop on a red sweater or blouse to go with it. It's that simple!


I'm sure a lot of stepmoms out there are reading this saying 'who's got the time' or even 'who's got the energy'? Want to know the secret to trick people into thinking you spent a lot more time on an outfit than you really did? Accessories! They can be your best friend and are super quick add-onsl.

Have an outfit in mind and want to make it more Valentine's appropriate? We suggest grabbing a pair of bold red pumps. These ones from Jessica Simpson are both super affordable and cute.

Don't stop there, you can even pop on a gorgeous red scarf to bring some pop to your outfit. Especially if you live somewhere that is still cold during February why not pair your outfit with a bright red coat, or pink scarf. The possibilities are really endless when you start pairing accessories with neutral outfits.


A really fun way to create a romantic look on the fly is with makeup!

Maybe you don't have time for a new outfit but you have some fun lipsticks lying around. We love a bold lip and Valentine's Day is the perfect time to pull them out. This is totally the time to go out of your comfort zone and choose a really fun bright colour to rock on the day! It is Valentine's day after all so you may as well have perfectly kissable lips that really stand out!

Lots of brands even have transfer proof lipsticks so you won't have to worry about leaving any lipstick stains on your man! Our pick is from Nudestix and it is their Magnetic Matte Lip Colour in the shade 'Saint'. This is the perfect light fuschia colour that will last through dinner, dancing and even kissing! Trust us this lipstick will not budge off your lips!


Get the Kids Involved

A romantic date night sounds lovely, but that may not be the reality for a lot of stepmoms out there. It may be your week to have the kids and so the romance might have to be put on hold!

Why not get the kids involved in dressing up this year? Bring lots of pink and red joy to your house and include your kids in the festivities. Whether it's a cute dress or comfy cozy new PJs, let your kids have some fun and show them what Valentine's Day is really about. Spending time with the ones you love most. For this, we have a great affordable pick! We found the cutest red and pink dress that is totally on trend. This girl's dress from Walmart is only 29.99! That means more money in the budget to spend on chocolate.



Anyone else getting really really excited to dress up for the holiday of love? Here at Social Stepmom, we can't wait to show off our new looks. There is no need to stress, just follow these easy tips and you will be ready in no time! And just remember to give your kids and stepkids a big hug and tell them how much they are loved this Valentine's Day!

XO, Social Stepmom




Photo Credit: Samantha Metell of Bonjour Blue