How to Shop your Closet this NYE!

How to Shop your Closet this NYE!

After the hustle and bustle of your holiday celebrations the last thing you want to think about is breaking the bank on a NYE dress, and honestly Stepmoms...SAME. The sheer chaos of finding a NYE event to attend or hosting one yourself on top of arranging a sitter is enough to throw us into a frenzy, but now we are expected to go shopping for a dress on top of that? It's just not going to happen!

Don't feel discouraged about not having a new and flashy piece to wear, instead,  shop your closet this NYE and save those hard earned dollars! You already have a ton of pieces sitting in your closet that reflect you and your style, let's utilize those to create an amazing look you'll be proud to wear! Here are some super easy steps to shopping your very own closet for NYE.

Step One: Get Organized

You have probably said to yourself (while rummaging through your closet) that you have ‘absolutely nothing to wear!’ Come on ladies you see that pile of clothes you just ripped off the hangers and pulled from the drawers, that is not true! Of course, it is never a matter of not having anything to wear but not knowing what to wear. This might be because you don't know how to style your pieces or you simply can't find the pieces you've been thinking about wearing in the first place.

Our first step to make shopping your closet possible is to make it a fun experience! Make that closet gorgeous, grab some matching hangers and create an organization system that works best for your daily life by colour coordinating your clothes or sort your pieces by garment type. NOW we are ready to shop!

Step Two: Fix What’s Broken

Finding a piece you love and wearing it until it's basically unwearable is a good thing Stepmoms! May all your pieces be worn with so much love that you wear that heel straight into the ground within a centimeter of its life. Instead of giving up on those pieces, get them repaired! A lot of people don't realize that this is something you can do. Going to a seamstress or a shoe shop can revive an old favourite you thought had seen its final day!

Think creatively! Do you have a bridesmaid dress you once swore you would rewear but it is just too formal? Get that dress hemmed, now it is is the perfect NYE party dress.

Step Three: Layer Seasonal Clothes

Don't restrict yourself by deciding that your pieces are only good for specific seasons. Many of your pieces can work year round! Do you have a dress that is neutral in color but it's too cold to wear with your legs exposed?  Add tights, booties, and a funky sweater on top!  A HUGE trend this year is making those light summer dresses and skirts wearable in cold winter months. If you have a fun party dress that you wore to a summer wedding, pop on some sparkly tights and heels and you are NYE ready!

Step Four: Get Inspiration

We would like to take a moment to honour Pinterest for saving the fashion lives of millions around the world. Seriously, an amazing resource for putting together an outfit is to draw inspiration from Pinterest.  Hop onto their site and search some NYE looks, you'll be surprised how many similar pieces you have in your own closet. Finding inspiration online is the perfect way to shop your closet in ways you couldn't think of doing before.

Step Five: Ask a Friend

We love our friends, and our friends love us! The whole premise of a friendship is to be there for one another, this includes being there for your friend's fashion woes! Stepmoms, believe in your friends- they will be there for you! If you are unsure if your outfit looks okay, ask a friend with similar stylistic tastes as you! They will know what pieces to add that you will feel comfortable in. If you have a friend with great fashion sense and a full closet, ask if you can borrow a dress! Sharing is caring, and of course you can let her know your closet is always open to return the favour.



Follow these steps and your shopping your closet experience will be quick, painless, and probably a lot of fun! Get that outfit planned out for free so you can spend the rest of your holidays out of the mall and with loved ones. Be sure to tag us @SocialStepmom in any looks you created while shopping your closet.