How To Shop Your Closet This Valentine’s Day!

How To Shop Your Closet This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and we are sure your social feeds are filling up with all things red and pink! You may be running around making sure you have the cutest Valentine’s cards and outfits for your kids but what about yourself? We totally understand that you busy moms probably do not have time to spend hours shopping at the mall for a new outfit for the big day. This year, instead of going out and buying a new outfit why not shop your own closet?

We introduced this idea previously on our blog and we go in depth on the best way to start to shop your closet. Check out that article here if you haven’t already! It will show you how to get started.

There are so many different activities that people have planned on Valentine’s Day. Whether you have a fancy romantic dinner date planned with your spouse. Or a casual day date with a new beau. Or even if you are celebrating ‘Galentine’s Day’ we have got you covered! We have broken down three easy steps no matter what kind of celebrations await you on the day!

Three Easy Steps to Shop Your Closet


 Social Stepmom Tip One: Choose something either pink or red. You cannot go wrong with either of these colours! You most likely have something in your closet already that is one of these two colors. Think outside the box. These colours can come in the form of shoes, skirts, scarves, or accessories.

 Social Stepmom Tip Two: Choose something that stands out. An easy way to take a simple outfit to the next level is to grab a statement piece. Choose something that really makes an impact and will draw people's attention to. This will divert people’s attention and will make you seem instantly fancy! So dig out the bold pieces from the back of your closet and pull them out.

 Social Stepmom Tip Three: Choose something neutral. It may seem like you want to go above and beyond with the pink and red and hearts everywhere but choosing some pieces that are neutral will really make you look polished and put together. Everyone has neutral items in their closet already that they can add to their Valentine’s Day look.

What Kind of Date Are You Going On?

The Casual Day Date

Maybe you and your partner only have an afternoon free together before you have the kids for the evening. Or maybe you are meeting someone for the first time for a date and want to keep things casual? Either way, we have the perfect outfit ideas that can come directly from your own closet!

1. The colour that we are choosing is red! Now keep in mind you do not need to match this outfit exactly we just hope to provide you with some inspiration. We love this red cable knit sweater from JCrew.

Any cute cozy sweater that you have will work great.

2. Our stand out piece is a pearl necklace. Maybe you have something lying around in your closet that is a family heirloom?

Now is the time to pull it out.

3. Next pair the sweater with a neutral skirt. Any neutral skirt will match. We have chosen this black and white tweed one but you can really go with anything here.

We love this one from Karl Lagerfeld as it adds a gorgeous classic touch to the look

4. Grab your favourite purse! It doesn't have to be pink (but if you have one great!)

You can go neutral with this category if you would like as well.

5. Pair it with your favourite pair of boots. We love these over the knee boots as they make this outfit a bit more fun and trendy!


Galentine's Day

We are not too sure who created the term 'Galentine's Day', but we love it. There are so many different stages of life and you may find yourself single on Valentine's Day. Whether you are newly single with kids, or your spouse is just out of town why not grab your girlfriends together and have a little fun! For this type of date, we have chosen a super fun outfit that your girlfriends are sure to love!

1. Our neutral pick for this look is a classic white T-shirt! You for sure will have one of these in the closet.

If it is looking a little run down just pop it in the wash with some bleach and give it a good iron! Instantly refreshed.

2. Our statement pick is this bold necklace. Costume jewelry is always fun when hanging with the girls. You probably have some bold statement necklaces lying around.

Paired with a white tee and it will really make an impact.

3. So we told you to choose pink or red but we really wanted both! We have a whole blog post about pairing pink and red together which you can read here. What we are going for with this pick is FUN! Have a fun tutu skirt? Wear it!

You are with your friends so there are no mistakes. Just look in your closet and pull out your loudest skirt.

4. We have stayed with the same pink YSL clutch because we love it. But again whatever your favourite purse is go with that.

5. Next we have some cute red sandals. Depending on what the climate is like where you live you can totally change the shoes up. Go with red or keep it neutral, totally up to you!


Dressy Evening Date 

Maybe you are one of the lucky ones and your partner has planned an extravagant romantic night out! You go girl. Fancy dinner reservations may stress you out in terms of what to wear but by using the three steps we have listed you can totally conquer the evening date night attire

1. The colour we have chosen is RED! Instead of the little black dress opt for a little red dress!

Don't stress if you don't have a red dress in your closet. Do you have a pink one? Or even stick with a classic black dress and use that for your neutral category.

2. Go bold with statement earrings! These can totally be whatever you want. We are using our stand out piece as these gorgeous Kendra Scott earrings.

Do you have a pair of fun earrings you always wanted to wear but never pulled them out? Now is your chance!

3. Adding a little more colour here we have selected this pink pashmina for a little style and warmth.

There is nothing worse than being in a chilly restaurant and not having anything to warm up with! This stylish scarf will do just that. So grab any beautiful scarf you have and rock it.

4. Yes, here it is again. This is a shop your closet post after all so we just keep rotating our favourite purse.

5. Our neutral pick is these gorgeous patent leather nude pumps. We suggest for this outfit keeping the shoes neutral.

Click on the images to shop these products!

We hope this post brought you a little inspiration for Valentine's Day! Just remember you don't always have to break the bank. Sometimes you just need some new ideas on how to pair the pieces you already have. It's that easy!

XO, Social Stepmom