In The Know 07.18.18


in the know 07.18.18

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In The Know 07.18.18

Another week, another In The Know. This is our third instalment of this series and we are loving it so far! It’s a way for us to share some great articles, facts, or important news stories each week!

This week we have something for all of the stepmoms and moms. Whether your stepchild or child is getting ready to go to college or still eating baby food…. we have found something for you.

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1. Advice For College Students

College is a critical time in a person’s life. It is where they begin to discover themselves. They begin to learn who they are (and who they aren’t) professionally, personally, spiritually… you get the picture. So, we thought now would be a great time to share some college advice, with you so you can add it to the list of advice to share with your kids.

Even though they are in college, they will always be our babies.


2. A New Way To Do Baby Food

This is a company whose moto is “ Real Food for tiny humans”. Isn’t this great!? They provide 20 flash frozen, organically sourced baby meals, delivered to your door every two weeks.


3. Starbucks Getting Rid of Plastic Straws

This is big news. Starbucks is doing its part to help the environment with the elimination of plastic straws. We sure hope, more mainstream companies begin to follow this example.


4. Is There An Age Gap That Works Best?

A fun little article all about  the age gap between children. From twins, to 5+ years in age difference numerous mother’s share their experience with children of different ages. This is a fun read…and possibly a relatable one. Or maybe, your experience is very different!

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