In The Know July 4 2018

in the know july 4 2018

In The Know 07.04.18. This little segment is all about bringing articles that we think are important or informative to your attention! This weeks In The Know focuses on heat and summer. If you live in Southern Ontario, you know that we have been going through a crazy heat wave. So, this topic is way too appropriate right now. 

1. How To Cool Down Fast

Having your children (or you) overheat is a serious health concern. Check out the article linked above for six ways to lower your body temperature fast! 

2. Summer Beach Reads 

Ah the beach, a place to relax and reconnect with yourself… or chase kids around in the water and clean sand off little feet. Both are beautiful in their own way. But, if you can find a spare moment to yourself, this is the perfect time to pull out a new book to read. Need a new summer beach read, click above. 

3. How To Feel Confident In A Swimsuit

You are all beautiful and unique, appreciate who you are and what you have! We know, we know, it’s easier said than done. We all have our own insecurities and our own confidence issues. But, we want all of you beauties to feel as hot as you are and hopefully pass this confidence onto your little ones. 

4. Perfect Makeup Products For Summer 

Summer makeup can be a tricky one. Going barefaced has its charm but sometimes it feels nice to glam it up. We have linked an article that shares the perfect summer makeup for you! 

5. Summer Cookout Recipes Kids Will Love 

One of the highlights of summer is an evening cookout. But, are you sick of the standard hot dogs and burgers? We are! Therefore, we needed some new inspiration…. and we found it. Click the link above for some unique cookout recipes. Not only are they unique, but your kids will actually enjoy them too!

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