Quiz Result: Independent & Misunderstood

Your stepmom journey has been a lonely one. Maybe you’ve reached out to family or friends, only to be told “you knew he had kids”. Maybe you can’t talk about your experience because you’re afraid of exposing yourself or your family to other people’s criticism. You paint a pretty picture, and although you may be okay on the outside, some social support (as scary and vulnerable as that sounds) can really help up-level your game and life, and prevent breakdowns down the road.

You’re very self-sufficient, independent, and proud of that – as you should be. You have mastered things on your own, and that skill is so valuable in various parts of life including work and business. Your life isn’t bad… but you may be wondering if there is something missing, is there something better than this for you?

Know that whatever you’re feeling and hiding inside, there’s probably another stepmom out there who has walked a similar path and felt the same way. By connecting with other stepmoms who’ve been where you are, you can get the validation and support that will help complete your journey. You can also share your experience to help others in an anonymous way if that feels safe for you.
Social Stepmom’s framework for life mastery can help you tune into your own feelings, accept them, and express them in a safe way. We provide tools to help you connect with other stepmoms, hear their stories, strengthen your relationship with your partner and kids, and become your authentic self in your relationships. 

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