Intimacy Post Baby

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Yes ladies (and gents) we are talking sex and intimacy after a baby. Well, I guess we aren't, Melissa Willet from parents.com is! We found this article and couldn't help but share it with you because it is so relatable. This isn't made to scare you, or deter you from having children because they are such a blessing.

This is simply a touch of reality. The reality? No relationship is perfect. Every relationship goes through hard times and beautiful times. The key is to be grateful for what we have, the relationship we have and the beautiful little people we have in our lives. Also, to live in the present, and appreciate this moment in life for what it is. One day your children will be teenagers, then adults, and lead their own separate lives... appreciate this moment while it lasts, because it won't be forever.

Now let's talk sex and intimacy post baby. Click the link below for the full article!

Sex After Baby: Shocking Survey Finds 1 in 5 Parents Aren’t Getting Any

Do you have sex more or less than most parents? The answer may surprise you, based on results from a shocking new survey comparing couples' expectations of their love life post-kids vs. reality.

As all parents know, your life completely changes once you have a baby. Um yeah, especially in the intimacy department, because now you can't just drop trou whenever and wherever you feel like it. Mainly since it would traumatize your children, but also, you find yourself consumed with a zillion other responsibilities, leaving kissy-kissy time with your partner further down on the list of priorities than you'd like.

Not that you ever could have imagined just how busy your life would become once you were a parent! For many of us, the reality of parenthood versus our expectations looks far different. For instance, I had no idea date nights with my hubby would be about as rare as lunar eclipses.

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