Pack your Suitcase like a Pro Using the KonMari Method!

KonMari your Suitcase!

Recently we watched Tidying Up with Marie Kondo on Netflix and have been turning our homes upside down using the KonMari method to tidy up! Her major philosophy is to ask yourself if the items you own spark joy, if not, it's time to give them away! She also offers multiple tips for how to organize miscellaneous items around your home. One key organization tool: clear containers so you can see what's inside.

With a few holidays coming up we got to thinking, how can we KonMari our suitcase? The answer is: yes of course-- and here's how:

Create a List

Have you ever arrived at a destination, went to grab something from your suitcase only to realize you forgot to pack it! The key to your organization success is going to be figuring out what you're organizing ahead of time. Sort out what you want to bring, decide if you really need it, and put it all in a big pile-- you're now ready to pack KonMari style!

Divide and Conquer!

The key to knowing what you have is seeing it. Put smaller miscellaneous items into clear bags so you can easily see what is inside. Organize your bags by themes, so keep your electronics together, jewellery together, makeup together, etc. Now when your items are tucked neatly in your suitcase you'll easily pull out the bag you need and grab the item you want- no more digging around!

Folding is key

The KonMari method features very specific clothing instructions for your garments. Take a look here at how Marie Kondo folds her clothes. By using the KonMari method to fold your clothes you'll save a ton of space, keep your pieces wrinkle-free, and have a much easier time finding them in your suitcase!

Take a look at this super short and sweet video of Marie Kondo KonMari-ing a suitcase herself! You'll be wondering how you ever travelled with that unorganized suitcase before her!