Last Minute Shopping Guide FOR HER!!

You haven’t finished your Christmas shopping yet, don’t worry- we haven’t either! As last minute shoppers, we know that the secret to conquering your final shopping in one swift trip is to maximize your time by getting as much done in as few stores as possible. One of our absolute favourite stores to grab some last minute gifts, little add-ons, and stocking stuffers is Sephora! Sephora has a ton of incredible products for the makeup, skincare, hair, and fragrance lover in your life.  With a range of products for different age groups, you are sure to find the perfect something from that difficult teenager all the way to your mother-in-law.

If you’re still not too sure what to get, we have taken out a whole lot of the guess work and have made a list of our favourite last minute Sephora gifts perfect for any budget, stocking size, and difficulty of gift receiver (we all have one).


SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: To be the ultimate $$$ saver, buy a value gift set with a bunch of smaller products then disperse those to multiple people!  You'll be adding a bunch of super thoughtful gifts for a fraction of what you would pay for the full size or a travel size on its own!


Sephora—This is Coco-Nuts!

Price: C$25.00 (C$48.00)

This limited edition gift set includes 6 of Sephora’s best selling coconut products that are perfect for the coconut lover in your life! Let us also mention that this set covers massive ground, there is a product for every concern you might have.

A face mask, hair mask, lipbalm, cleansing wipes, and coconut water mist are all included in this set so consider giving this to someone on your list who needs a full restock of supplies!


SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: Shop store brand products to save some extra cash! The Sephora brand is full of products people love but sold at a fraction of the cost of name brand products.

Plus, when people think Sephora they think quality! You didn’t break the bank on this gift and your gift-receiver will be over the moon to see the name of a brand they know and love under the tree.




Beauty Blender—Blender’s Delight

Price: C$52.00 (C$78.00 value)

This gift is perfect for the religious makeup wearer in your life. If you know someone with flawless foundation coverage, it’s because they are blending in that foundation with a beauty blender. This gift set comes with 2 beauty blenders, 2 blender cleanser’s, and 1 blender defender protective case.

2 of the keys to beautiful skin is 1: clean tools and 2: proper tools. This gift set includes both those things plus the blender defender keeps the blender in perfect condition when thrown into a makeup bag!

SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: Splurging on a special someone is always a great feeling but the key is making sure that you are buying a gift they will use and appreciate. For example, if you are buying a gift for someone who doesn’t use a lot of makeup, sure, a beauty blender will come in handy when they choose to do a more full coverage look.

However, they might not appreciate a 52.00 sponge. To make your dollar stretch, make sure you are mindful of who and where you are splurging this holiday season to ensure your gift receiver really understands the sentiment behind your gift!




Sephora Collection—Face Masks

Price: C$8.00

These face masks are the perfect add-on and stocking stuffer! Sephora offers a ton of face masks in different textures that can help target different skin care concerns or just fulfill your general pampering needs!

Make this gift super personal by thinking about the personality type of the person you are buying this gift for. Shopping for a frequent flyer? Get them a sheet mask to rejuvenate their skin on the plane—no washing off required! Shopping for a loved one that’s prone to breakouts? Get them a mud mask to dry out those blemishes! Shopping for a makeup queen? Get them a priming face mask that’s going to set them up for the perfect makeup application! These masks are a great way to show someone you were thinking about them.


SOCIAL STEPMOM TIP: Oh and did we mention…BUY 3 GET ONE FREE!! ONLINE AND IN STORE! Be sure to look for discounts that reward you for buying more than one item! When a price is this good and the products come with a discount, these stocking stuffers are a no-brainer.