My Stepmom + Me

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About the Project:

Stepmoms get a bad rap. So much so that when you hear the word, you probably instantaneously associate it with something negative. Evil stepmothers are found in everything from Greek Mythology to fairy tales to current reality television. Terms like "stepmonster" and "Wicked Stepmother Syndrome" are commonplace, and they are also unfortunate.

But what about the awesome stepmom? What about the woman who loves a man who is already a father and who also desires to love his children as her own? Chances are she feels like the whole world already expects her to fail and to treat the children badly, and she must go in with her armor ready for a battle. This book was created out of a desire to encourage and assist those women.

If you are a stepmom, if you are married to a stepmom, if you have a stepmom, or even if you know a stepmom, this is the book for you.


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