How to rock navy blue this spring!

Forget pastels, go dark this Spring and rock navy blue!

Spring has sprung, you can smell it in the air! Days are getting longer, warmer, and the energy is shifting! You're motivated to clean up your winter hibernation clutter. Maybe you're rocking a new haircut. You might even be making your summer vacation plans! Undoubtedly, Spring is the season of change and growth- metaphorically and also quite literally. As spring flowers bloom we follow suit. It's time to bring out our pastel pieces that have been collecting dust all winter. Does this mean you need to swear off all dark colors? Absolutely not.

There's a lot about dark colors to love, specifically a lot to love about navy. Navy is more diverse than blue and more vibrant than black. This makes it the perfect in-between color to keep in touch with your dark side this Spring. Here are some of our favorite ways to mix navy into our Spring wardrobe!

Nautical stripes

Is there anything that screams the season is changing more than a nautical themed outfit?

Ahoy, ladies- bring on the boat and incorporate navy into your spring wardrobe with some nautical stripes!

This is a classic style is easy to dress up or down.

Wear a nautical striped shirt with some jeans and white sneakers. You're set for a day of errands, meeting your friends for lunch, and maybe catching a movie with your partner in the evening!

Dress up your nautical stripes by wearing them in a dress for an evening look or even a day look paired with a jean jacket to make your outfit more casual!

Navy blazer

A blazer is a perfect topper for this season. They are not too heavy and definitely not too light.

Blazers offer the perfect amount of warmth and coverage you need on a spring day. You can go from outside to indoors without having to take it off!

Elevate your work outfit with a navy blazer, beige pants, and a white t-shirt. You can elevate this look by wearing a blazer and wedge heel for brunch!

Maxi dress

Now we will mention mixing in a maxi into a few of these categories. However, a maxi still deserves a category of its own! Maxi dresses are a spring staple!

Dress this look up easily with a pair of heels and a leather jacket.

Dress this look with a jean jacket and sandals.

Our favourite part about a maxi is that the dress truly styles itself, no thought is needed. Throw this dress on in a rush and you're good to go!



Navy Florals

Navy florals? For Spring? Groundbreaking...seriously.

Don't feel as though you need to sacrifice the tradition of switching over your heavy knits and bringing out your bright floral prints.

Navy florals are the perfect way to celebrate the new season.

It's a classic pattern with your own navy flare on it! Whether you keep your dress base light like a white covered in navy florals or go with a navy dress with white florals, either combination is completely suitable for the season!


Pleated silk skirt

Pleated silk skirts are everywhere this season.

If you don't own one, you can easily find this then this trend in store or online!

A pleated silk skirt is perfect for spring for so many reasons.

First, a pleated skirt offers enough coverage in length that you won't get cold.

Second, a pleated skirt is light enough for those hot spring days!

Third, a pleated skirt can be elevated with the right top and show pairing.

Fourth, a pleated skirt can be made casual with a graphic tee and some sneakers.

There's really nothing not to love about a pleated skirt. And the best part about wearing a navy one? You can't see any stains!