Nighttime Skin Care Routine

If you are wondering how to keep your skin looking flawless this season, we highly recommend adopting a nighttime skincare routine. After all, perfecting your visage is the first step toward getting a makeup look which will allow you to glow just like a superstar, all season long. Whether you have had a busy day chasing after your kids or have been in meetings since the early hours, skincare is the key to looking gorgeous and healthy, and truly starts from the outside in. We’ve curated our best skincare strategies you can implement in your nighttime skin care routine to keep you looking flawless, youthful and well-rested, right before you get ready for bed.



Whether you are suffering from dry skin or need a preventative anti-aging solution, there’s nothing quite like a perfect serum to keep your skin moisturized and healthy. As part of a balanced nighttime skincare routine, you should invest in a quality serum which can target your skin’s unique needs. Ingredients in serums such as Vitamin C or collagen can help to offer a more youthful, refreshed appearance. Meanwhile, ingredients like hyaluronic acid and ceramides can leave your skin moisturized, which is beneficial around this time of year with the colder weather. A quality nighttime serum can help to boost your skin while you sleep, and deliver the skincare benefits that you need while you catch your beauty rest.


If you are wearing heavy makeup during the day, a nighttime exfoliation regimen in your nighttime skincare routine offers the perfect opportunity to cleanse your skin and get rid of those impurities. Everyone loves a strong cat eye, a bold red lip or shimmery lids accented with metallic shadow, but it’s important to take it all off before the end of the day. Use a facial exfoliant, which will aim to wash away dead cells, bacteria and leftover smudges of cosmetics. Be sure to find an exfoliating product that is tailored for your particular skin type, whether you have sensitive, oily or acne-prone skin.


There isn’t always a lot of time (or energy) to apply a face mask in the morning, but an overnight mask is ideal for giving your beautiful visage hydration and replenishment. Before you call it a night, cleanse your skin and apply a nighttime face mask that you can wear to bed. You can look for products that prevent wrinkles, offer a radiant glow or target your dry, winterized skin if you need more moisture. For a more natural take on beauty, you can also try products such as coconut oil, egg whites, honey or turmeric, which can all be used to create quick DIY face masks from the comforts of home. Of course, if you do decide to go high-end, luxurious materials like 24 karat gold are also finding their way into skincare, with benefits that include brightening and tightening your face.