Social Stepmom’s Oscar Winner Predictions!

We (think we) Know who Wins the Oscars!

This year is one of the first in many where any nominee could really win in so many categories at the Oscars. As self-proclaimed movie buffs, we have a few ideas about who we think might win we want to share with you! Check out our predictions and let us know on Instagram if you agree or who you predict is going to win in some of your favourite categories!

Best Picture: Roma

Roma winning best picture at the Oscars would be a huge step for Netflix, and we totally believe this can happen. This film has incredible cinematography, directing, acting, and such a compelling story. For us, these reasons are good enough to let Roma take it home! Also, if Black Panther Wins we will be jumping out of our seats with excitement.


Lead Actor: Rami Malek

Going into Bohemian Rhapsody, our expectations were not our reality. We found this movie incredible, especially the performance of Freddie Mercury by Rami Malek.

Audiences watching the film felt transported back to the era of Queen, and for this beautiful witchcraft, we predict Rami Malek will be the big winner.


Lead Actress: Olivia Colman

We predict that The Favourite is going to be a big winner at this years Acadamy Awards. With that being said, we would not be surprised if Olivia Colman is the winner for lead actress! Olivia does incredible time period work and The Favourite is another perfect example of that. As huge fans of Broadchurch, we are excited and hoping to see her talent rewarded!


Supporting Actor: Mahershala Ali

There's been quite a bit of controversy about Green Book in the media, despite that we still believe Marhershala Ali might be the big winner for supporting actor! His flawless performance in that film, as well as any other film he is in, has had Mahershala on our radar for years.

This category, like all the rest, is extremely difficult to judge-- truly all the actors are deserving of this award.


Supporting Actress: Emma Stone

We really wish we could pick Regina King for this category.

After losing a ton of sleep over this we just have to stick with our gut and say that Emma Stone is taking it in this category. Her acting in this film is like nothing we have seen from her before (in our opinion).



Director: Spike Lee

We do not just want to see Spike Lee win in this category, we demand it. SOMEBODY GET SPIKE LEE IS OSCAR!

This influential director has never been nominated for best director, which should be criminal but alas the day has come and he deserves this award more than any director we can think of right now.