You don’t want to miss doing these 3 things each day!

Pick three: Monthly Round-Up with Sarah Paterson!

This month I wanted to talk about learning to be a little more unbalanced. Yes, I just said that.

I want to be unbalanced.

Wondering who would ever tell you to be unbalanced? Randi Zuckerberg is who! If you don’t know who she is here is then you need to find out, ASAP. Randy is one powerhouse woman who started in a marketing and advertising firm Ogilvy & Mather. Later, she then took a pay cut and moved to Facebook for six months to help her brother- who we all might know as Mark Zuckerberg, the founder of Facebook! From that point on, Randi sailed into many positions including being a correspondent for the ABC News/Facebook Democratic Party and Republican Party USA Presidential primaries debates in 2008.

Randi then resigned from Facebook in 2011 and announced she was launching her own firm called Zuckerberg Media all while starting a family and writing a few books along the way. Her first book was published in 2007 called Spark Your Career in Advertising, her second was called Dot Complicated in 2013, and the third was called Pick Three in 2018. Randi also made two children’s picture books called Dot in 2013 and Missy President in 2016.

I know what you are thinking. “Of course she did all these things look at who her brother is and where she basically started!”. Listen, this is what I thought too when my friend first began telling me about her.  

Whatever you do, don’t judge too quickly and dismiss her because you’ll be missing out on an inspiring woman and leader!

The day I heard about Randi...

I offered a friend of mine to come and stay with us while in between flights after she was a guest speaker at an event. When she walked through my door she had an aura around her that was contagious! She showed me a picture of her and Randi and explained that hearing her speak was one of the greatest and inspiring things she has ever done.

Then she pulled out her book called Pick Three.

The next morning, I ran out and bought the book. I was having a bad week where nothing seemed to be going right. I thought if she is glowing after reading this then heck yes I am going to give it a go!

Here is what I am going to tell you about my take away! Ladies, if you don’t think you will make a good (fill in the blank) then think about something you love doing and are great at, like how you take care of your family for example. If you can do this you are well equipped to be great. But, yes there is a but, you cannot do this while being balanced.

Randi tells you to intentionally be unbalanced. Pick three things each day that you can focus on so you don’t inundate yourself with overwhelming thoughts of how you didn’t do everything perfectly in one day.

Here are my categories to choose from: family, career, fitness and health, sleep, friends, and charity. I pick three each day to focus on and write them down so that over time my life can become balanced. My unbalanced life turning balanced...ahem thank you, Randi!

Here is what my week could look like:

Gym in the morning = Fitness and Health

Work on Social Stepmom = Career

Have dinner with my girls and talk with my husband once he is home = Family


Get the girls up and off to school = Family

Work on Social Stepmom = Career

Event with my girlfriends = Friends


Work on Social Stepmom = Career

Dinner with the family = Family

Bed early so well rested for Thursday = Sleep


Spend time at school volunteering = Family

Fly to NYC with hubby for work = Career

Dinner with Friends = Friends


Fly home and hit the gym = Fitness and Health

Pick up girls and stepkids from school and Fam have pizza/movie night = Family

Hit the pillow early = Sleep


Wake up and walk to the park with the girls = Both Fitness and Family

Spend some time on emails and social media for Social Stepmom = Career

Dinner out with our friends = friends


Wake up and hit the gym = fitness, and health

Attend a family charity event I am on the committee for = Family and Charity

Call it a night and hit the hay = Sleep

As you can see I might have hit more than three categories but only being focused on three has made it a lot easier for me to do these things well. It has taken a load off my guilt-ridden responsibilities and has made me a better everything.

Now, ladies, it’s your turn. Pick three things that you are going to conquer in a day, then plan ahead for tomorrow- what three things will you conquer? Find us on Instagram and let us know how your pick three challenge is changing your life! Remember, you CAN have it all- just not every day.