Prepping for Back To School

Schooling is an important aspect of any child’s general development irrespective of the age grade. As parents, it should be of utmost priority to ensure that our children get the best of education in the most conducive and most friendly environment possible. 

Returning back to school especially at the beginning of a new class or peradventure a new school requires a whole lot of adaptation processes. Most children struggle with adapting and fitting into the new environment, some even become depressed when they are unable to match the pace of social happenings around their school. The role of parents in helping a child fit into his or her new school environment cannot be over-emphasized. There are many ways parents can help speed up the adaptation process of any child into their school or new class, calm the child’s fears, anxiety and excitement. 

Psychologically, children need to be prepared for resumption. During the course of vacation, children are often permitted to sleep as long as they want or eat whatever they feel like- a pattern that doesn’t apply during school days. In preparation for resumption, parents should reset the sleep patterns of their children about seven to ten days prior resumption by weaning the child off going to bed late and sleeping late. It is essential to establish a productive sleeping pattern for children because sleep patterns are crucial for reaching peak performance during the first-class period and maintaining it until it is time to return home.

The eating patterns of children must also be given scrutiny before resumption. Parents need to ensure that children take a balanced proportion of food that heightens their alertness and neuro sensitivity, the routines of breakfast, snack, lunch, snack and after school snack prior to homework need to be implemented. Most importantly, the brain of a child needs to be exercised before resumption to match the ever-demanding academic syllabus and schedule. Parents should encourage reading and writing at least one-week prior resumption. Setting academic goals for children before resumption can also help propel them to pursue academic success. The academic goals must be accompanied with corresponding strategies and tactics for reaching them

One of the easiest ways to help a child back to school is to meet up with their new teachers, most children anticipate the temperament of their teachers wondering whether or not they will like their teachers. It is advisable to solve these puzzles before resumption actually happens. You can reach out to the teachers through phone calls or emails, arrange dinner meetings to foster familiarity between the child and the teacher. These attempts allow the child to settle easily into his or her class since everyone is not totally strange and the teacher can help address weakness of the child you might have discussed before resumption. 

A proper tour around the school of one’s child increases familiarity with the school environment and reduces the anxiety that might develop on the first day of resumption. A better awareness of the schooling environment goes a long way to enhance the learning process of any child. usually, children that are unfamiliar with their schooling environment spend more time admiring and familiarizing themselves with the scenery around the school rather than pay rapt attention to their teachers.

Parents van also go the extra mile by finding out who the prospective classmates of their children are and arrange play group meetings and games to foster cordial relationship between the child and his or her classmates. This eliminates any form of inferiority complex the child might encounter if he or she is very new to the schooling environment especially in a case when other children are previously familiar with each other.

There is no better form of preparation for school than obtaining the class supply list and learning aids. Having the appropriate and required learning tools will help your child get fully prepared for school. While keeping basic needs, extra care must be taken to allow for a couple of splurge like a cool notebook or a favorite colored pen. These very simple measures make going to school an adventure to desire. School lists also have a special way of allowing both parents and child forecast the school work ahead, children should be briefed about upcoming projects by explaining how new supplies might be used to solve specific school work.