Quiz Result: Over-giving Stepmama

You are the Mary Poppins of stepmoms… but sometimes you may feel like a glorified babysitter and like you’ve lost yourself in the process. You’re always the one taking action and stepping up, and you wonder why others can’t just do the same.

You’re giving, nurturing personality is a blessing to your husband and his children (and even biomom, although she may not acknowledge it). You likely thrive on helping others, it can energize and uplift you, and add to your quality of life – but only when you learn to respect your own boundaries and fill up your own cup first.

Filling up your own cup requires self-care and self-love. It’s about radically accepting yourself, nourishing your needs, and making it your priority to tend to your own desires. The good news is that when you feel better, you’re in a better place to help others too. Having a nurturing personality is a blessing, and you can learn to live in the healthy expression of your caregiving nature. Social Stepmom’s framework for life mastery can help you create the boundaries and self-love practices you need to thrive in your life, all while connecting to stepmoms who are in a similar situation.

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