Quiz Result: Stepmama Drama

Stepfamily life isn’t always a smooth ride, and it sounds like you may have been on a rather bumpy one. Between children who you may not get along with, a difficult biomom, and unpredictable scheduling changes (to name a few), life is anything but peaceful.

Thanks to these experiences, you’ve developed a thick skin, strong resiliency and are really learning to go with the flow and adapt to outer situations – although this doesn’t always feel like a good thing. Right now, you may feel like your life is happening TO you, like you’re out of control, and fed up with all this drama. Being resilient and going with the flow will help you in so many aspects or life, from work to dealing with tough times when they inevitably arise. But life doesn’t always need to be this hard.

You deserve to live a life of peace that is yours to define, and don’t have to constantly heed to the drama around you. By developing and solidifying a vision for your life, getting organized, and holding strong boundaries, you can get your life back and thrive. Social Stepmom’s framework for life mastery can help you develop inner peace no matter what craziness is happening on the outside. 

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